SEO Services Company in Mumbai

What is the most important factor in SEO? This question continues to raise eyebrows and as the debate continues we try to shed some light on it.

The answer is that the SEO matter on company, industry and location. Let elaborate some more in this article.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Local Brick-and-Mortar

The most important part to focus on as a brick and mortar stores and location is local SEO. This includes practices such as attorneys and doctors.

This is a specialized form of SEO where the key is getting links from the web and making sure the company is referenced consistently, and optimizing for mobiles and maps.

Local brick and mortar stores have a small website less than 30 pages in size. While technical SEO is a challenge when it comes to such stores, it won’t be a big issue these types of websites will encounter.

Like big companies even brick and mortar stores can benefit from online PR work and branding efforts. AdWords may also be a worthwhile investment.

Small Business Site

SEO can be terribly tough for small businesses. They cannot afford quality providers and most large firms will not want them as clients.

A small business needs to spend beyond their expected return. A good Adwords campaign may be a good option.

The key in small business SEO is choosing one aspect and focusing on it. Each of the elements will have its own relative pros and cons.

Social media marketing will help bring in followers and work in getting a good return but it is time consuming. However, this will help business get a good benefit and move to the next phase.

A good content strategy will help get benefits to the small business and perform better in SEO, but like Social Media it is time consuming. Plus, it’s difficult getting people to share content when they don’t know about it.

Link earning is important for small business, but be careful to accept only those links that focus on PR and subject matter expertise. Any other link strategies can become problematic.

Mid Size Company

Budget decides which aspect of SEO to target on in a mid-size company. Similar to smaller sites, you can pick an area and focus there, then move on to the others at time and budget permits.

A technical audit of SEO activities are an important source of information to highlight the area which have not been developed well, or which should be changed as time goes on. Keeping a mid-sized company website aligned technically can have a significant payoff as it grows.

PR and social are important as the company continues to grow. Pick one or two social channels and focus on them, be careful not to spread it out too thin.

Some content is important, but you don’t need to post daily to get SEO benefits. Decide on a few topics and try to carve out a niche for yourself and the company as the source of some form of information.

Any form of content will not likely pay off in the short run. However as the content will gain the company authority and trust, it will help compete with larger competitors as it grows.

Any company with more than 3-4 employees should have at least one in-house person dedicated to in house marketing, most likely SEO. Develop solid strategies, editorial calendars, social messaging and other initiatives that will raise the company’s visibility.

Large enterprise B2C Company

If you have a large websites with millions of pages then you don’t get to focus as you cater to consumers.

Your budget should be big enough to include everything previously mentioned, including a strong content strategy, social media management, and regular PR and link earning.

You should also invest in reputation management as regular responses and monitoring are critical if you’re working with end consumers.

Multiple agencies are working together for large companies since no one company can provide the services which are needed to focus on the needs of the company.

Consider hiring a CMO or a consultant to manage all the agencies and providers to keep them aligned on strategy and communication and resist the temptation to “put it all under one roof.”