SEO Strategies Other than Keywords That Work

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If you think that Search Engine Optimization is slowly losing its impact, you could be right, did you know that only 25% of SEO is on-page and 75% is off page. Search engines are evolving to facilitate better user experience by putting the spotlight on quality content, site speed and internal navigation; website owners need to adhere to these standards in order to meet with the best of their algorithms.

Content is King

As a SEO Services Company in India, original content can help you page rank well on the SERP’s, while duplicate content can cause copyright infringement and affect the ranking of these web pages. Use tools like Copyscape, Siteliner and Screaming Frog to check if your website has duplicate content.

As search engine are being developed to deliver better content to users, keyword density has given way to original content in a natural flow as a good SEO practice. Create content that uses specific long-tail keywords; keep it well formatted into paragraphs with subtitles for ease of reading and indexing.

Images add value to the website and make it more attractive. Add image titles and optimized image sizes with multimedia and images on your website.

Keep Navigation and Internal Links Optimised

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, strategic navigation and placement of your internal links factor into how search engines crawl your content, and the more relevant internal links within your website, the higher the rank index.

Put your SEO spotlight on the more important parts of content on your website. Ensure that search engine algorithm is highlighting the more relevant pages. For example, you don’t want the testimonial page to rank higher than the product description page. Use the ‘nofollow’ and ‘noindex’ code on less important pages, including category and tag archives which usually have duplicate content.

Use Titles Wisely

The meta description and title tags should not be too long or too short, it should drive your creative content and attract more visits. Use click-baits and call to actions to increase responsiveness and interaction between the user and the links, combined with quality and relevant content, will help your link rise up the search page rankings.

Speed Rules

It has been seen that 40% of users move away from pages when they are loading past the 3 second mark. Google also ranks page load as one of their ranking factors, making it necessary that you analyse your website speed regularly. Use tools like Pingdom, to break down the speed of each page and achieve an optimum loading speed by utilizing this data.

Mobile and Social

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, social media platform is a good place to share links and content. Establish a major presence on major social platforms and nice platforms that are related to your website content.

Mobile Compatibility of websites is now essential. With users trading desktop for the mobile where more than half of the searches are performed.

Engaged user, Good SEO

Search Engine algorithm are getting smarter and developing along user habits. Your SEO should also be primed keeping user experience in mind and not to work around techniques which were used before. SEO Strategies will work if you find the balance between the best practices to generate traffic and original content to retain and engage users.