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With the increasing number of searches performed on search engines like Google, they have become a key place for consumers to find products and services. Most of the companies wanting to start new SEO program would like their product or services to improve their overall search presence, increase brand visibility and drive new visits.

Many searchers visit the website on purchasing decision more than once and the average consumer consults about five channels before making a purchase, meaning the people converting are likely going to be return visitors.

We need not get hung up on only optimizing for new visits, we should also consider the buying cycle itself to ensure we are giving our customers the information they want for longer term research.

We also must consider options beyond new customers, many of my clients are technology providers in markets with stiff competition. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, with a competitive market and the potential for customers to go elsewhere, we need to show that our business is the best in the market and the best option.

Consider the following points when moving your SEO Program beyond inception:

Keywords/product or service themes

With the rise of new technologies such as voice search, the growth of mobile and increasing customer research time, we can no longer just target a singular keyword or phrase. As search marketers, we must consider strategies which focus on all aspects of the customer journey, including top-of-the-funnel, mid-funnel and post-purchase queries.

It may seem simple, but corporate want to concentrate on new visits and new customers; it can be easy to focus on only part of the querires.

Customer Reviews and impact on purchases

While it being said that a number of studies have been done for customer review and the impact they have on buyers, it can be said that “90 percent of consumers say their buying decisions are influence by online reviews”.

As search marketers part of your job is to make sure not just optimizing the client’s site but also optimizing the search results themselves. That means making sure business listings are updated, partners are using the right logo and review sites contain review.

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, the other point to be considered is ensuring your customer support information is optimized. Businesses will often use third-party support platforms but not take the extra step to optimize them for search. Make sure you optimize the site.

Also consider that your site contains the basics, like FAQs, click to call phone numbers and testimonials.

Third-party mentions and bylines

If you are reading an article and you see a link to the services you use, the feeling is really exhilarating, and also reassuring to know that the person you are relying on is at the top of their game.

We try to work to secure bylines on third-party sites, these include niche sites and also well known business publications.

The goal is to acquire link, potentially grab another space in the search result and showcase the client as a thought leader to their peers, existing cutomers and potential customers.

As a SEO Services Company in India, the end goal of just about any marketing program is revenue, however do not worry about it by thinking at the top level. Think about where your audience is finding information and how your SEO efforts can impact revenue further down the funnel.