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When it comes to SEO in content marketing, everyone is doing it, but what really takes the cake is that only 10 percent of the content marketers are doing it right. In this article we will talk about the 10 percent that gets it right.

There is no Strategy in place

Content marketers should not think differently than pilots or teachers, they should have a strategy planned out when they are considering doing SEO marketing. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, if you do not have a strategy in place you will most likely just toss things up in air and hope something works.

The first step to using SEO effectively and to getting more people viewing your content is to create a plan. Set out key performance index’s such as page views, shares, traffic, conversions and other indexes which are important to your company. Track these indicators religiously so you can identify content gaps and areas for improvement.

This becomes your strategy and you can work towards fulfilling these targets. My own strategies may vary as often as every day but you just need to make a strategy and never worry about it again.

Don’t Use Thin Content

Google has come hard on keyword stuffing and sparse content, sometimes marketers write the content themselves quickly and with little effort and sometimes they pay writers to muddle their way through content.

These are both misguided practices, you need to create content with intentional language to really utilize the power of SEO. Some companies have seen increased ranking and organic traffic when they started creating articles of more lines.

Google is interpreting meaning in addition to looking for these exact words. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, this is why content that reaches potential clients and provides actual information is more important than the keyword stuffing practices of the past.

Embrace New Social Networking Website

The single biggest failure of content marketers is a failure to embrace new social platforms. Google indexes search results from websites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Social media is a conversation and one that is deeply revealing about your audience’s needs and wants. Further, search engines want to see people interacting with your website, and one of the first interactions is often a link from a social media site.

Certain companies experimented with this idea and saw results where their users sharing these extended pieces on social media, linking to the articles with their own comments an putting them out for their friends to see.

Stop Ignoring Mobile

If you are ignoring the mobile audience, this is potentially worse than ignoring calls from your best friends. Today audiences is never in the same place all the time, people are looking at the internet on smartphones, tablets, and not on computers and laptops.

If you don’t make your site mobile-friendly, you’re going to bite the dust. Google’s algorithm update included a serious ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites, so if you aren’t one of them, all of your other SEO work is basically worthless.

Make sure that absolutely every part of your site is functional on mobile platforms, including fonts, color, content and even logo design. Make sure that your content plans include social media and mobile marketing. Getting your content out in as many arenas as possible will help you enhance your brand name and increase your company’s influence.