SEO Strategies and the 5 Trends to Consider

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There is no doubt that SEO is important for healthy website growth. Despite lackluster starts over a decade ago and being one of the most underestimated terms in marketing, SEO has grown to make business leaders of early startup through growth and are leading actors among their industries.

SEO trends tend to be a fad among SEO marketers which need to be abreast with new techniques and technologies from the start for their clients. Do you want to know what’s hot and what’s not for strategies you should be planning for 2018? Let’s look at it now:

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

  1. Keywords are not Everything

Even though 2016 was all about the keywords and the traffic it brings, it is seen in 2017, that it is not all about keywords but with the intent themselves.

The truth being said that long-tail keywords are the richest to rank. Therefore it is not going to be hard to shift your strategy towards this. Instead of dropping keywords, think about content as a process in which you want to tell a story. If users find the information they are looking for, intent will prove its value in comparison to solo keywords.

  1. Artificial intelligence is important

Last year it was all about Amazon’s Alexa and Siri and Cortona development along with development in Google Home. So we ask ourselves how is SEO changing itself due to these technologies for helping brand sustain their steady growth.

SEO strategies have moved towards taking advantage of these technologies. Not only is spotless images important for reaching a better rank, but so is the importance of titles and descriptions with precise keywords and use of bullet points for listing straight-to-the-point facts.

  1. Invest in Mobile solutions

Between 51 to 60% of all mobile searches were performed over the smartphone over the last years and this trends seems to be growing for the past four years, hence it is important to improve the company’s online website on the mobile platform.

There isn’t anything as annoying as those websites which aren’t mobile optimized, in which you have to go through menus and sub-menus to reach something that could have been displayed in a sidebar, or worse the Adobe Flash loving websites.

If you consider it that 80% of users look at shopping to acquire products during their spare time and over half of them access your site through mobile, you are losing a considerable client pool worth catching.

  1. Consider rich snippets

Consider rich snippet the answer for people who don’t want to be looking around through the website: Google has spent a considerable amount of time and effort looking towards speeding up the search experience, with its most practical applications for product reviews, videos, books and many other daily search situations.

As for the mobile experience for snippet answers, there is still a lot of work to be done by developers to improve the user experience and to make the most of that website exposure. Mostly, we will see a varied layout in the way snippets are being displayed on the mobile device so that they can make them look attractive and increase CTR for websites.

  1. Look at Page Speed

If we said that there isn’t anything more annoying as a non mobile optimized website, let us re structure that statement and say there is one thing and that’s a website taking too long to load.

Users seek information most probably from jumping from one website to another. After a sustained period, it is seen that there is a reputation which is being crafted for these website as being reliable sources of information. So, if the website user has to wait for more than a minute for the website to start displaying information, they won’t be coming back n the near future.

By not filling up your website with high-res images and unnecessary toolbars that will slow down the website’s performance, consider investing time and resources in site optimization from media content to server. There’s no need to install tons of toolbars for getting the job done – useful webmaster resources do not come in plug-in fashion.