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Managing marketing aspects of a business has always been a major battle for business owners and managers. Since the dawn of time, the main roadmap of marketing companies has remained to create a product and to package and sell the product to as many customers as possible. Since in most cases, there are always competitors present, this means in engaging in battles with competitors in bringing their competition to win over the customers.

Just as businesses use various tools to bring their products to the forefront, so do customers engage in using their own tools. The two main goals were finding the product with the best quality and discovering products at the lowest price.

According to estimates, it can be seen that users are exposed to close to a thousand ads every day, making the user wary of such ads and causing a backlash against advertisements in general.

Ad Blocking is a Major Threat

Ad blocking is a major way users are turning to avoid ad online. As far as 2007 Ad blocking software Adblock Plus was considered one of the 100 Best Products. Ad blocking technology moved away from just a tool used by savvy techies to a serious problem for advertisers worldwide.

In 2016, the trend was followed by using such software on mobile devices, making it one of the hottest topics in the online publishing world. After Apple allowed the use of ad blocking, the trend shows that 400 million users are currently using ad blockers on their smartphones which is seriously a cause for concern for advertisers.

And online publishers are not the only one bearing the brunt as so are advertisers. Not only are they left with no traffic on their website which blocked ads could have brought, but they also billed for those ads because ad blocking software allow the download of advertisements and then block it.

How SEO is Useful

As valuable SEO already is, they can become even more useful for advertisers who rely on paid advertising to get internet users to visit their site. Not only are ad blocking software being used in higher numbers by users, the people who are exposed to such ads are also ignoring such ads.

The best possible solution to such a problem is to improve search engine ranking to show up in front of users, and that’s where SEO shines. SEO can subvert this problem since they help you fight against ad blockers by putting less emphasis on paid ads and getting more traffic from organic searches.

Offsite SEO Tactics

Offsite SEO is the use of various tactics and methods used to rank your site better on search engines and it revolves around backlinks. By getting good links for your site from valuable sites in your niche, you will improve your search engine ranking and get more visitors.

You can rely on guest posting where you generate backlinks by posting your articles on related sites, you help them by providing them with free content and they help you by giving you links and exposure to their audience.

Onsite SEO Tactics

While Offsite SEO helps rank your website by generating backlinks, Onsite SEO works in two folds. It plays an important role in improving your sites visibility on Google and other search engine, it also attracts visitors to your site and allows them to engage with the site.

The main pillars of Onsite SEO are quality content, optimized title tags and meta descriptions, so optimizing for them should be of highest priority. Quality content will help you grow your audience and get more natural, unsolicited links while optimized title tags and meta descriptions can help you stand out among competing websites in the search engine results.

Marketing efforts when mixed with SEO can lead to a lot of success in the digital marketing. Businesses and customers alike are changing their habits as Internet becomes an increasingly important part of their everyday lives.