SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Everyone knows that a good social media strategy is important to the business, not does it only create brand awareness, creates a favorable image, carries the voice and increases the revenue. There are a few methods to increase the effect of the strategy which include SEO, or search engine optimization which is easy to think but is hardly considered.

It is important to know that social media and SEO are strongly interrelated. SEO information can help improve ranking along with social media which will improve the social efforts.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

In fact the web of the SEO information is so useful it can help to zero in on the target audience, including who they are, what keywords they use to search and what site’s they’re surfing, not to mention the profiling data included in SEOProfiler, Google Analytics.

Let’s get deeper


As a growing brand and a business investing greatly in the social media profiles, you should know what people are talking about regarding your brand. To find that out you can use various tools such as Mention or Google Alerts. However, to set alerts for the terms being used, you should know the keywords which are being used to search for.

This is where SEO comes into the game. It is important to consider the most frequent search terms related to your niche. This data helps contribute to the most recent urgent concerns.

Often, the best strategies come from discussing about the niche of your services, not the brand or product. In short, you need to consider the different organic keywords and paid search keywords which they search for and use that information in targeting your social media awareness.

As soon as you discover these keywords, you can set alerts or manually do a daily search on various social networkds like Twitter, facebook and so on.

Spying isn’t irrelevant

Sometimes you come up with a strategy which is brilliant in itself and sometimes we’re not inventing a wheel but using what is already working. The wheel can be created by a genius blogger or your competitor. Irrelevant to who creates this wheel you can use the services and turn the spotlight on your business.

For example, you can use a URL shortener to find valuable information regarding the site. Using tools such as tinyurl and you can find the information regarding who is sharing which link with their friends and where via their social networks are yielding the best engagement.

Competitor Insights

Everyone know understanding the competitors campaigns and comparing the performance of their campaign should be a “must-have” action for success. Define who your competitors are and which companies and online businesses have a similar audience with an effective content strategy. By finding information and analyzing how you brand ranks in the niche for the product they sell you can create a social media campaign.

The competitor research tool from SE Ranking helps you find the best competitors’ content and where it’s getting shared the most. Morever, you can export that data to analyze which content works the best on social media. This will help in two fold, where it will not only help build your content strategy, but will also help improve your social media efforts.

Trends and Predictions

Google is making a lot of its cached data available to marketers through a variety of channels such as Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, as well as via search tools like the Wonder Wheel. Before you start creating a social media strategy and promo, make sure to check these trends to identify what topics are hot for a specific period of time and which should be linked on your brand.

For example: if you are a website selling custom T-Shirts you should create a more fun and appealing way to shed light on the design. If you check Google Trends you will be able to find out the topics and queries which are most popular at certain times so you can modify your social media strategy. For example, due to the popularity of Pokemon Go in July, you could have thrown Pokemon imagees into your shared images and postings to help you promote T-shirts.

Bottom Line

Using SEO data gives you a good pivot to start your social media campaign.  The data you get from these campaigns can be used to inform others.