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Fresh Content helps run most online marketplace, website and forums; it works in magical ways in generating more traffic on the website, creating better result for the company and creating awareness of the products and services provided by the company. As a Website Development Company in Mumbai, we understand that content requires you to research and develop fresh ideas and convert it into readable material for the consumer’s perusal. It has been seen that content once created can lead more traffic for uptil a year on the website. In this article we are talking about the need for converting content into sales and the need for fresh content in this process.

Creating Compelling Content

Once an idea or research materials are penned down, it is important to decide how to create compelling content, one which will drag traffic from the visitor. The different methods of understanding the topic to be written on are shown below.

  • There are many methods to find out whether a certain topic needs to be written about which includes, visiting a number of online forum and discussing and learning about the need of better content and content topics can help a writer learn more about the topic, certain online forum includes LinkedIn, a technical online forum to gain greater interaction in understanding the topic.
  • Another method of knowing is the Google Keyword Planner, which basically understands which words and phrases are in vogue among various search engines. It shows which words where searched the most and which context which can be added to the content on your blog or website.

Optimizing the content for Organic Search

  • Another method is to optimize content for search engines, which basically means once you know the words which have to be optimized, but SEO barely means just adding some words to the article, it means how to shape content in manners to increase awareness of the product which is being sold.
  • Another method is to create optimized images which will show the importance of optimizing images on the blog which has the content, some methods of improving the optimization for images is to use content management system(CMS) which have some image management tools which will improve speed of the webpage and also keep the limit of image size in control with the use of plugins which will also inform  when the content is too small.

Converting Content to Market Return

Understanding the interconnection of these two is important for understanding the companies’ needs

  • Using Analytics such as from Google will improve the insight of whether the content by understanding through trackable goals in your analytics. Blogs have great organic traffic but then fail on creating trackable goals for market returns hence failing the test, one way to correct this is to add conversion rate optimization tools available on the market today.
  • Once the CRO has been placed then you can check whether which method to advertise the blog or newsletter has to be done, would a banner advertising it at the end of the blog post increase the newsletter, or would a more text based links in your content text improved lead based returns.

We as a Website Development Company in Navi Mumbai, we understand that there are methods to learn these concepts is easy and implementing it is even easier.