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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s called is an integral part of all businesses. Be it a start-up or an established player, SEO is the tool which can increase the visitor traffic to the website by hundreds and thousands of visits every day.

In order to flaunt SEO presence, most companies use a string of keywords and provide a list of outbound links. However, in most cases, most businesses commit these common SEO mistakes.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

  1. Not Choosing the Right Keywords

Keywords generate the traffic to your website. While you may string a lot of keywords together, you may end up missing some of the major a rationale behind the use of keywords. You can choose generic or global keywords behind the traffic, but if you want to increase the rank of your website, you have to handpick the keywords carefully. By choosing the wrong keywords time and again can make the website fall in rank. So, before you start out with your content, it would be better to do some keyword research. You can use some of the keyword generator tools to boost your website’s virtual presence. Also, it would do immense good for your website, if you can optimize competitive keywords for your website.

  1. Replicating Web Content

While there are many plagiarism checks and robots that distinguish between original content and plagiarized content, websites ignore those checks and replicate content. Most websites blatantly appropriate content from original sources hoping that they would get website traffic and SEO ranking. If you wish to improve your SEO ranking, it is highly important that you create online content which is fresh and original and create online viral posts to increase your page ranking.  If you can make your post go viral with direct traffic to your website with viral content, chances are high that your website can rank high in the Search Engine Results.

  1. Bad Titles and Indifferent Meta Descriptions

Titles create the impetus for greater traffic. If you create messy titles with very complicated sentences then chances are that users will not get enticed to read the content. So, if you want to generate readership, it is highly needed that you create creative titles that will entice readers to read forward. The advantage of creating impressive titles is that the content may get shared. Further, unique titles will give your page a greater rank on SearchEngines.

In the same way, having impressive and creative meta description will improve the page’s ranking. You must try to restrict the meta description to 160 character limit. The persuasive your Meta Description is the higher the chances are to for your content/website to rank within the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

  1. Ignoring Outbound Links

The role played by outbound links needs to be considered by each and every business. Using appropriate outbound links will add value to your website, however, all websites must use a degree of caution before adding outbound links. Only those outbounds links which are relevant to the post will add value. Moreover, endlessly adding a number of outbound links to a page or a content may pull down the quality of the page. While adding outbound links to a page or a content, you can consider the following points:

  • Check the authenticity of the link: The authenticity and reliability will definitely add value to your website/ content page.
  • Keep a measure on the number of the outbound links: While a good outbound link can increase the value of the post, having unaccounted links on the page can only reduce the value. Make it a point to keep a tab on the number of links which can be added to the page.
  • Avoid bad links on pages: Before you add an outbound link, check if the content is free from all kinds of malware and spam.