What every SEO Marketers needs to Know about SEO Traffic

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We understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is considered one of the most important marketing techniques currently.  Understanding how people use the search engine to start with almost everything will make the website popular amongst online users. As a SEO Company in Navi Mumbai, we need to understand the importance of SEO in marketing; we can understand where each user goes whenever he has anything to purchase or search online, he will turn to google and there are about a 100 billion searches performed on a monthly basis.

In order to change and convert such traffic into buyers would require use of certain marketing techniques and here is where SEO comes into play. Secondly it is seen that SEO marketing is free of cost. There may be overhead costs of hiring a marketing expert but that will be most probably very less as compared to the sales which the company will come through the website. The great thing about SEO is that the work you put in today will show results tomorrow, or this week or the next and will create a huge difference in the sales and profit of the company.

There are many pitfalls of SEO as can be seen, firstly is the time it takes to convert traffic into clients, this is not just from that, it is required to convert the rank for the buyer keywords on the search engine, it may take more than a few months before you see your website on the top of search engine. As a top SEO companies  in Mumbai, we understand that, Competition is another problem, with the number of E-commerce websites online, it is fairly important to know that since you rank high on basis of a few keywords, your competition also ranks high for these buyer keywords.

Last it is the absence of real experts of SEO, you must see that if you have been in the business for any length of time, the experts present in the market may tell you on basis of certain obscure keywords that you are at the top, but it can be seen that it would be useless for you to keep hiring such experts until you get to understand the basics of SEO.

On page SEO are things you require to rank you page according to relevance, you should see that the Google keywords are used on the page on a regular basis and that the taglines and description is also used. As a SEO Firm, Keyword  research is also an important topic, as you can see your homepage is the strongest page for on-page optimization therefore you require to use the most valuable keyword that you are likely going to want to optimize your homepage for the keyword.

Keyword Research tools include Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest where you can see the data of how many searches were performed based on keywords grouped according to the business you are trying to target.

How to Optimize Your Website

In order to know how to optimize your website, you do not require stuffing your keyword unnaturally throughout your article and title. Even content which is good does not mean that traffic will come, but there are a few factors that Google’s algorithm searches for:

Content Length, as far as length goes, long content generally ranks higher than short content, you require to put your keywords throughout the article naturally and Google’s semantic search will scan through your long content and through the keywords which will help you get a higher search engine ranking.

Another important part of SEO optimizing on page technique is using H1 tags and H2,H3,H4 tags to separate the content, so that the crawler can search through the content and search for keywords which will explained in the topics in these tags, if your ultimate goal is to search engine optimized a blog post, then H1 tag should be the title of your post.

Optimizing your URL is another important part of optimizing your website blog and ranking high on the search engine, it requires you to create a link which basically describes the content is written about which broad theme.

These are the steps which need to be considered before SEO marketing campaign is considered.