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SEO or search engine optimization is an important part of any digital marketing strategy in today’s world. If you are a business then you need to set aside a sizeable chunk of the budget for SEO. For the newbies, SEO is the process of placing your website over your competitors which provide the same services when a keyword is searched in a search engine. It makes your website easily accessible for users who are in the buying process and is looking for a site that host products/ services similar to yours.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Many experts believe that SEO is all about keyword stuffing. Find the keywords which are used by searchers, use this keyword for searching a certain product or service on Google and use these keywords to make the search for your website easier. While being relevant to the keywords which are being used is important, it is not the only thing which is an important aspect.

Rename Images

We all save images without a name most of the time. When we click a photo on our camera or phone and transfer the images on the computer, it is saved as IMG_124 or a similar alphanumeric. When you upload the same image on to the website or blog, then it has no name and no identity. Instead of letting it go up as a random number, name it. This way, when the search engine is looking for a dress similar to the one in your picture and you’ve named it, then it will be found easily.

Find Out what Your User Wants

While finding the right keyword is great, it would be better to find out what your user wants. Just for a moment, shift focus from finding what the users’ keywords are to what the user data requirement is from a website. It is this group of ideal users, which will decide which product, service, or content gets maximum attention, and it is your job to procure this information and use it to optimize your search results.

Generate new Keywords

While Google’s keyword planner is a great tool to find the information for monthly search, you need a smarter method of tapping into keywords that are yet unknown. This is where Wikipedia comes in handy, go to the website and enter a keyword into the search and wait for the content box on the right to show up. It will show the result of searches made for the required keyword and also which other keywords are showing a similar result. You will find similar lead in the sidebars, internal links and other sections. This will not only help you find new topics, but is a sure fire way to beat your competitor.

Make your website Mobile-Friendly

From school kids to senior citizens, every person has a mobile and is accessing the mobile on the go. A little recognized SEO tool that several companies miss out on is targeting the ever-increasing numbers of mobile-users. If you forget to make your website mobile-friendly or do not consider it one of the important factors then you are sure to miss out on traffic that are looking to access your website in search of critical information.

These points should be considered when doing SEO on a certain keyword to increase traffic to your website. Avoid keyword stuffing and pay attention to the finer details, your website will gradually gain traffic like never before.

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