SEO Services company in Mumbai

SEO is always an afterthought when it comes to designing a website as a need for companies. The task including taking photograph, designing mock-ups, tailoring content take center stage as there are 100s of things which need to be done for a website to come alive.

Yet it is seen that laying the groundwork in search engine optimization which will help websites perform better in searches will pay dividends long into the future. Starting with an SEO friendly website design you can provide non duplication of efforts in the long run and make it easier for a future SEO company to come in and improve the ranking in the future.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

The following are several key elements for making a website that is designed to rank well in search.

Content Umbrellas

A logical content structure on your webpages is as important to remain relevant to users as well as their sanity. Content should be tailored according to the manner where it suits the subject matter and makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

Be methodical in your planning. Choose one main topic for your main web page, while choosing sub topics and tailoring content for those on the subpages. For example, a accident lawyer would have personal injury law as their main topic as well as subtopics of that theme which would include car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents.

Site Speed

Google’s algorithm made it clear in 2010 that site speed will be a ranking factor in SEO ranking, that is the pages which load faster will have more leverage than sites which load slower. Google’s data shows that users will abandon websites when it takes too long to load. With the advent of mobile platforms and tablets which are consuming more data on the internet with more website it makes page load speed a greater priority.

Site owners can use Google’s page speed analysis tool to see how they shape up in the speed department. Google also provides a report after the analysis that shows you exactly what needs to be fixed.

Mobile Friendliness

Google is moving towards a mobile-first index, which means that website which are tailored to the mobile platform will show up first in the Google Search Engine Rankings. Google has also made mobile friendly sites in terms of the design and programming of a site a ranking factor in its algorithm.

Site owners who do all their business online like generating leads and making sales should consider making a mobile friendly website which is responsive. New websites should be built as responsive website from the beginning. A responsive site is simply one that changes styling and dimensions based on the device viewing it.


Schema or structured code, is something that makes code and content machine understandable. It does not influence search rankings, but it does influence how search engines display content from the pages in their search results.

For example, search engine know that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is some form of Alphanumeric characters. Applying schema to the string in some fashion would mean that the address which is inside places some significant historical meaning to the American people.

Applying schema markup to information such as addresses, business names, people, phone numbers, emails, web addresses, reviews and star ratings can help Google display that information in search result. This will invariably improve click through rates on the webpages search results.

Internal Linking

Google original method of grading web pages were based on the internal linking that connected them internally. Decades later the original algorithm has been changed but the linking of websites hyperlink still play an important metric for rankings.

That’s true on the outside of the website, but it is also true within a website. when designing a website it is better to link it internally to each other so that link authority can flow freely through a site. Creating cumbersome, deep navigation or orphaning link can make it harder for important pages to rank well in search.