SEO Services Company in India

If you are a content writer, then you should have a single focus, how to get people to click on your site. Social Media is a good way to do this if you’re starting out. But you should always be thinking about Search Engine Optimization.

The importance of SEO is that, if you make certain pages rank well in some of the keywords that are important to your industry, then you can garner a steady stream of visitors without having paid a cent for any of them.

As a SEO Services Company in India, the only problem is that ‘ranking well’ means being in the top of the search engine results and this means if you are at the top 1-3 positions then you get 33% more of the attention, while the first page gets 95% of the clicks.

Start with the right keywords

The first step should always be checking if you are pursuing the right keywords in your industry. You can do this by checking Google Adwords and the traffic on each keyword.

Check for words which your competitors are trying to rank for. As a SEO Services Company in Vashi, do not try to rank for the same keywords, but try ranking for certain variations of such keywords, particularly if your competitors are already established. Instead, think about ranking for slight variations thereof in which they don’t rank well.

While starting out, consider choosing long-tail keywords, these are longer phrases that delve into your topic more precisely. The reasons are:

  • This means that the competition on such keywords aren’t as fierce, though there is less traffic, that means you’ll need to do less work to get the lion’s share.
  • Secondly, when people are entering long-tail keywords into search engines they most likely know what they’re looking for. This means that a far higher percentage of those visitors will ultimately convert.

Latent Semantic Indexing

In the past, it used to be the case that if you put the keyword into a piece of text many times, then you’re more likely to rank well. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, Google understood that visitors did not like reading the same thing again and again. So they developed a system where their algorithm has started to come to understand semantics.

As long as you write your search entries in texts which are semantically related, their algorithm will pick up on that and decide that your text is actually relevant.

Hence use Latent Semantic Indexing to create more naturally flowing text and still appear as relevant to the Google algorithm.

Longer texts are better texts

According to Google, longer texts are more likely to actually contain the information that people are looking for and hence contain more authority than smaller texts. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, for this purpose, skip the 500-word blurbs of yesteryear, and instead focus on in-depth texts that actually get to the heart of matters and explore the ins and outs of an issue.

First ten words

Write great headlines, Google checks the amount of times an article is clicked on as one of the metrics of whether you are actually what people are looking for.

As a SEO Services Company in Thane, you have got to write killer headlines, we understand that we are actually looking better in writing headlines, so don’t just start typing out random things, instead check out some of the stuff other people have concluded. That way you’re going to give yourself a real step up.

Also remember that the headlines should contain the keywords, as headlines are also checked by Google for keywords your trying to rank for.

Content is key

Make sure that your content is creative and readable, as the more people read your article, you find that you’re keeping your audience on your website and that will help Google understand that you need to rank.

Make sure you pay attention to the content writing and really make your content impressive by not writing fluff pieces, but engaging and concisely. Your audience will appreciate this and you’ll rewarded by Google ranking you more highly.