SEO Company in India


Even if you are an SEO expert who has been optimizing your dealership website for year, there are still many things you do not know about in Search Engine Optimization. There are facets which even the most experienced SEO experts do not fully comprehend. Most of the SEO Strategies are based on theoretical knowledge on what will work for ranking purposes. It is done through observation in knowing what has worked for better ranking and employing those strategies in SEO.

As a Cheap SEO Firm, SEO Strategies which are based on Bad Concept will affect the business. Many businesses believe that their business is separate from their website, which could not be more wrong. If you are using SEO Strategies which are not working, then your business will also be affected by such strategies and will not work. If you use black hat strategies your business will get affected negatively.

Viral Content which is desired by every content writer will bring you hundreds of new customers; this may not necessarily turn into business. Even if you look at content which has gone viral the number of unique users accessing the content is fairly small. Duplicate Content can also be used more than once on your website because Content which has been taken from another website will be even more detrimental. As long as you update all the tags when you publish your content you should be able to reuse it without any penalty from search engines.

Website should have a single focus, if you have two different stores or dealership both selling different brand of products then you should have separate websites for both of them and should thus be able to optimize the image descriptions, tags, headers, titles all directed towards this one focus.

If you are using link and directory submission sites which will host your links, then consider not paying for this as this will have negative impact on the search engine such as Google who will post high-quality content that people will naturally want to link back to because it’s informative and engaging.

Having a website which loads slowly will be detrimental to the ranking of such websites and therefore is not a consideration when it comes to search results. As a SEO Company in India, the truth is that you can control how quickly your website will load by optimizing and loading clean images, what content is loaded on the page and how clean your code is will all affect the ranking of the website.

Keywords may be important to the site ranking, but its importance is far limited as compared to the links on such website. If you overstuff your website with such keywords then it will be detrimental to your ranking.