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Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO in short is an ongoing and a continuous process.The more you optimise your website the greater the results you will be receiving.Here in this article we would be discussing ways to track the progress of SEO work or we can say various ways through which we can determine the results that SEO is providing to a particular website.Once we are aware of the results we could be more specific in our SEO work to drive much better and instant results rather than shooting aimlessly in the dark which may take too long to drive any result.As a SEO company in Navi Mumbai it becomes important to track the progress of SEO work.

Some of the Tools to track SEO Work:

1.Google Analytics: It is one of the best tools to track the progress of your SEO work.Herein you can view the total number of visitors that are coming to your website through various channels which includes Direct,Referral,Organic Search and Social.You can compare the number of visitors between various months to understand whether your SEO work is bringing in more traffic or not.It also helps you to identify from which websites you get the highest traffic so that you can keep them on top of your Bookmarking list.Google Analytics is totally free to use, all you need to do is sign-up with your Google account and verify that you own the particular website.

2.Serptoday: is a website wherein you can add all your keywords and thereafter it automatically provides you the update on position of each keywords in various search engine results.For free accounts you can track upto 10 keywords.Its very simple and easy to use in order to track your various keyword’s position.

3.Alexa Rank: As we all know all websites in the entire world are ranked by alexa. So if the alexa ranking of your website is decreasing it indicates that your SEO work is progressing.

4.Seoprofiler: is a website which tracks all the backlinks that a website is having.The more the number of backlinks the better the website will rank in search results.So for your SEO work you can track whether the backlinks are increasing or not.

As a SEO company in Navi Mumbai these are the same tools that we follow in order to track the progress of our SEO work.