SEO Services Company in India

Content Marketing and SEO are two totally different things, when both of them are executed together it can lead to amazing results. Here are certain rules you need to follow in content marketing:

Care about the needs of Customers

Marketers are quick to embrace research which tells them what the customer needs. SEO Keyword research provides another fast and free method for creating content ideas that people really care about. You should seek to answer the questions asked by customer along with high traffic topics which customers ask for.

Choose from Long Articles and Guides

Long articles can create great SEO Effects when they are answering questions asked by customers in language which they ask the query in. Sometimes, addressing frequently asked questions or publishing step-by-step guide will convey the topic most clearly and be most likely to rank well. Best articles are ones which benefit your shoppers the most, as well as what will rank well.

Descriptive Text are Required

Search engines are continually evolving, it is seen that these images and videos require descriptive text to help them understand the content and context of these. Even if the content is descriptive to the shopper, it is required by search engines to understand the context and relevance of the article. And without this text would mean no traffic and sales from natural search.

Remember to Sell What is Required

Even if most of this is ignored, it can be seen that it coincide with products and services. Searchers are interested in an endless number of products, information and concepts. You won’t win natural search traffic or drive sales or leads if you try to generate content outside of information related to your product base.

Write for the Audience

If your customers are not management who search for the same term, it would be advisable to ditch the jargon and write the content using plain, descriptive language. If you want to know ideas to write content about, check out your keyword research and decide what to create content for.

Sell, But don’t be a Out and Out Salesman

Ecommerce website require that when the users search for certain products, they should land on our website and get enticed by the great content. But it is seen that content that ranks instead of the ecommerce category and product pages that means that content also needs to sell.

Many customers are drawn away from heavy handed selling, but if you write content on how to purchase or how to use a certain product, you’ve demonstrated it and most visitors will not be averse to purchasing the product. There is no harm in a gentle call to action, such as a link in the text to a related category or to a picture and link of a product described.

Link Content and Ecommerce

Link is used to connect to relevant content to access and digest, also for search engines to understand the context and relevance to the product of the site. Use your header and footer to connect the user to various relevant content so that shoppers, search engines and searcher can all get where they need to go for products  and information.

Create Content to Host on your Site

If you want to rank for certain keywords you need to post content on your site and not on any microsite. Hosting content on microsite means that it will gain ranking and not your site. Linking from microsite back to your ecommerce site, but it doesn’t add value as an external link, from a different site because the search engine can usually detect that it’s a self owned site.

Consider Syndicating Content

It can be seen that most articles have value on your site, but if your site is not getting the traction it requires you should consider syndicating content i.e. offering content to other sites for their use- can outweigh the need to host content on your own site. To get SEO benefits of your content, host the syndicated content on your site and contractually require that the hosting sites use canonical tags to refer to your site’s content as the definitive source.