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As we move more and more into the digital age, the marketing team needs to evolve adding inclusive format of marketing to ensure you aren’t falling behind your competitors or getting stuck in a marketing rut.

Most marketers have embraced digital marketing as the new frontier and an important avenue, but one important facet which is forgotten is SEO.

As a SEO Services Company in India, SEO has changed since the beginning, keyword stuffing and gaining backlinks is no longer a road to success. In fact, not having SEO as a tool of your marketing strategy will be detrimental to your online success.

If you have keywords which belong to a competitive industry, it will be next to impossible to rank for your primary term with little to no optimization of your site for SEO.

While other forms of digital marketing like PPC are highly efficient, they should not be considered without SEO. SEO and PPC should go hand in hand, one really shouldn’t be done without the other if you want to get the most out of your digital marketing.

Here are some reasons why you should to pay more attention to your SEO:

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike PPC and social media marketing, SEO is actually a fixed price service depending on the agency and work carried out.

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, PPC can be either your best weapon or worst, it can be used to spend more marketing dollars, if you do not have correct knowledge, budget or time allowance to manage your campaigns which can escalate you ROI.

It works

SEO is an underrated form of marketing, since every SEO company will not follow Google’s guidelines and use black hat techniques to try to manipulate the search results.

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, Google has changed the way we look at SEO, by cracking down on malicious method mitigating their effect and leaving trustworthy SEO agencies with the best of intentions for your SEO success.

Being Found or Not Found

The bottom line is that if you do not follow SEO principles, your website ranking over your competitors is slim to none. SEO is the difference between finding you online and not being found at all.

Mobile has changed the game

With the rise of mobile devices, the number of searches performed from mobile devices has far taken over the searches from desktop, being optimized for mobile devices has never been as essential as now. As a SEO Services Company in Vashi, Mobile SEO and local optimization are an important marketing strategy for both small and large businesses.

Competitors having higher Rank

If your competitors are ranking over you on keyword searches then they are performing SEO for optimization. Ranking at top positions are not difficult to achieve, it’s just very unlikely you’ll achieve this without optimizing for SEO.

Increase ROI, traffic and conversion rate

Statistics prove that higher ranking sites get more visitors, even if you’re not ranking high at top positions for most of your SEO keywords, a little optimizing can push you up to the top position and overtake your competitors.