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In making the next big website, certain abilities should be inbred within the development team, such talents like creating content which is impeccable and have design skills of WordPress. As a SEO Services Company in India, even if you cover all the viral topics on the web along with using images and using the social media to spread the word your website sometimes will not become popular.

Running a blog like 411Locals requires more details as even small wordpress site can create a big hit amongst its visitors, hence boosting the rankings of your posts and lose the advantage and remain unnoticed.

Ignoring XML SiteMap

XML Sitemap lists all the webpages on the website along with their links, so that the search engine knows which pages to crawl. Not using a sitemap means that some of your site’s pages can remain undiscovered. Sitemaps have certain other features like telling how often you update the webpage which works well for relatively new sites and ones with too few backlinks. Building and updating a sitemap is quick and automated.

Ignoring Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are more useful when they are classifying and systematic. Their role is to increase engagement and traffic, wrong use of taxonomies makes your WP site less user-friendly. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, the cause is that basically a site category works as a table of content and tag’s as a Site Index.

Ignoring Canonical URL Defination

Instead of letting the Search Engine Bot consider which page should rank over which, you can use Canonical URL definition that requires telling WP what URL represents your site, setting the URL as you want it in the options of Google Search Console and use WordPress SEO by Yoast to set each and every canonical URL.


Ignoring the CTR Features

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, to make sure that users see where your post is, is only half the job, the rest is to suggest what they are going to see by telling Google how to describe it. You can optimize the latter easily by using a plugin. Those plugins give you conrol of the content that appears on the result page. It is all about the titles and the description of your page. Create a Meta title will give information for the search engine result display. In addition, making your description more than a random combination of sentences will lead to a better click-through rate.