Using Power BI to supercharge your SEO

power BI Image

power BI Image

With Microsoft Introducing a rollout of Microsoft’s Power BI, you can use this to collect and analyse data more than ever before and find the SEO performance gaps which you thought did not exist before. Before, you get to start using this technology, it is important to be exposed to the data warehousing software and the queries which are run on such system. If you have not done this before it would be better to refresh your techniques and fine tuning it by going through the promotional material. The most pertinent part for SEOs is the ease of using embedded queries in the latest Office 360 suite natively, allowing advanced capabilities baked into excel since 2013 to be accessed easily by anyone in your corporation on the platform.

Queries are useful for converting millions of lines of information into data making it relatively easier to extend desktop tools to operate more like servers using SQL-like statements. If statements do not ring a bell in your mind, you can use WYSIWYG using 360 natively or their desktop BI Interface. Consider looking up index match for millions of lines of data into a format which will run on your desktop, that is the power of power queries and data can be transformed into a manageable table made available for analysis as a Pivot Table by an SEO for performance gaps. Calculations which would not be possible of Excel worksheets due to data size are easily handled by using this environment.

Refactoring trivial operations into M can be challenging, especially when you get into the realms of calculation data based on the history of an earlier state of your data transformation process and can be simply run as any function of an Excel formula to get a value referenced in a pivot table. You should push to move all logic into your data queries, as it allows all outputs available for use in robust methods within the Data Model when your Queries run, meaning they become available to all Power Pivots in Excel for further segmentation.

You can replace any VBA Scripting which can be done to replace them with M and BI code to create automation of the data and refresh becomes a whole lot easier and more robust. Sharing data and dynamically updating the underlying data also becomes easier. In order to leverage the power of BI for you, we tried looking at Google Adwords data using Power BI and found it allowed us to take granular day-by-day data across 250,000 search terms. This allowed us to build on existing tool to share Adwords performance data with its organic twin and better understand the user behavior and revenue value associated with the term.

This allowed us to laser-focus on terms which prove to drive revenue for a business and quantify clearly the impact of performance improvement in revenue gained and paid spend that can be tested for reallocation once a top position is achieved and SERP CTR behavior is higher than expected for the position.