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Search Engine Optimization has a lot of techniques and tools associated with it. Though the result of SEO is to rank higher, there are many variable approaches you can take to find success in your own niche.
But there is one technique which is not being used by Companies in such, to fuel their SEO Campaign, and that is the idea of Personal Branding which can be integrated into your campaign.
As a SEO Services Company in India. Personal Branding is pretty much similar to Corporate Branding where you build personalities and a set of identity standards, including an image, and use those standards as a foundational basis for your marketing and advertising efforts.
Personal Branding applies the theory of running a campaign which applies to an individual, rather than an organization as a whole. You might run a personal campaign around one such individual such as a CEO, which is done on behalf of a company.
Here are some reasons why they are so advantageous for SEO
Authorship Potential
Firstly, the content which you create will have more appeal due to its association with a specified author and not to the whole brand, and this manifests in a couple of different ways.
As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, you can use different personal brands to cater to different audience segments; if you develop two different personal brands then chances are that each of them becomes an expert in their respective field. This helps in build niche expertise without fully alienating your core audience segments.
Syndication Expansion
You are going to have far reaching effect on social media platforms, which you’re probably already using to syndicate your content. If you are posting your content on such sites, then the time to start would be now, because this is a massive gateway and opportunity for you to get more eyes on material.
Each of your personal brand will have the opportunity to grow its audience base, so the more personal brands you have posting frequently, the more you can multiply your total potential audience.
User Trust
As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, most customers have a natural distaste for corporations, because they link them towards being faceless, greedy and non trustable. With the help of a personal branding, an individual with unique personality traits, the more sincere these personal brands are, the more trust they’ll be able to generate among your shared user base.
Audience Segmentation
With the help of personal brands you can segment you audience segment. Each of your personal branding accounts can be used to engage with a different portion of your market.
Ease of Entry
As a SEO Services Company in Vashi, personal brands are advantageous due to their simplicity. It doesn’t take much effort to start a personal brand from scratch- all your team members can post regular content, engage with new users on a recurring basis.
This does not require any specialization in training or any significant monetary investment, and can be executed in a span of a few hours per week.
Employee Advantages
There are some distinct advantages to personal branding from the personal brand owners perspective. Though your main in personal branding will be promote your content and earn more links and a better online reputation.
Giving your employees the chance to develop their personal brands incentivizes them to work harder at it, since they can take their personal brands with them if they choose to leave.