SEO Services company in Mumbai

Most SEO experts will tell you that optimizing images is the key. It has been considered an important part of on-site optimization, especially if images are central to your SEO and content strategy.

But in the recent years it has been seen that website builder platforms such as WordPress have been able to offer more out-of-the-box on-site optimization with automatically formatted images in cases.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

So let us consider how important it is to optimize your images in 2017.

What Image Optimization is For

First let us consider why you would want to optimize images in the first place. These include all the images from the featured images to header images to embedded images in your blog posts. There are three main reasons why you should optimize these images:

  • Image searches: when you properly format the images which are there with your content and term them appropriately in relevancy to the content of each image, you have a chance of showing up in related image searches in search engines. Basically, your goal here would be to increase visibility of your brand and traffic to your site by having your site’s images listed more frequently in Google image searches. It is important to consider that if you haven’t created some stellar original content you won’t have much to gain, but the few minutes it takes to optimize an image could make a significant difference in your monthly traffic, especially when applied to your entire stock of images.
  • Site Speed: Images are much bigger is size than content or the design elements or they can be. All the space they take up can interfere with your site speed; when someone tries to access your website, if their browser is bogged down with downloading massive images, it could take several seconds before they get to the main content of your site, compromising their user experience.