How To Optimize for Keywords and Quality-Focused SEO Practices

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Search Engines have shifted focus and have grown more sophisticated and looking for quality content. This has changed the way keywords play in SEO. Keyword optimization now plays an important role in SERP’s, but is no longer the end all of search engine optimization.

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Keywords Now Play a Supporting Role

As has been told before now with the increasing complex algorithm, keywords are playing a less important role. The websites which rely on haphazardly putting keywords in online content are getting penalized as well as getting banned from ranking on major keywords.

Use the following search engine optimization tips to maximize keyword usage while ensuring quality remains a cornerstone of your strategy.

Topicality of Keywords and User Searches

Website content and how it is written, will determine how search engines determine its SERP result. You should:

  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • Include Industry related search terms to include it in your core
  • Calibrate each keyword to include lengthier, more focused long tail keywords

While selecting long tail keywords to implement keep the searcher intent in mind. As content written with a clear focus will be both more engaging and likely to be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Do not be afraid to drill deeper into a single topic through multiple pieces of content, by focusing on one topic at a time, you can include more targeted long tail keywords which are not in the core keywords.

Most experts now believe that topical content is more important than keyword focus as you can create multiple pieces of content which dives into each of the facets of the topic than to produce a single piece of content about a topic, numerous keywords.

Use Keywords in the Right Places

After you select the correct keywords, now you need to consider where and how to use it.

You Should:

  • Include keywords in Headings, Titles and primary content areas, such as opening line of a paragraph.
  • Use your primary keywords more than others as these are the words which you want to rank.
  • Group like minded words and phrases together, or link them through HTML elements such as a bulleted list.

Using the primary keywords too many times in an article can lead it to be marked as spam, so use such keywords sparingly in your title, headlines and use the keywords 2 to 3 times throughout the body of content.

Create High Quality Articles to House your Keywords

Writing high quality content is basically moving away from industry standard knowledge and sales pitches to offer valuable, relevant information.

  • Provide information that would be valuable to the customer throughout his buyer’s journey.
  • Offer takeaways and unique angles in content.
  • Refer to pieces of article and trusted sources that are highly relevant.

There are certain criteria which correspond to high quality content. This means taking into account whether related search terms are included while discussing an idea, as well as providing more information which would require lengthier posts. You should also include relevant images and videos to make the article more attractive.

The days of keyword stuffing content are done for quite some time. The best way to find the balance between keyword optimization and quality-focused SEP practices is realizing quality is king, and keywords play a supporting role.