Seo company in Mumbai

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Smartphones have become a standard device which everyone carries on a daily basis. It is calculated that there are 2.6 billion users of smartphones, with so many connected devices, the focus has shifted away from desktop users and over to mobile. There has been a huge push for mobile friendly website and marketing, and that is how we can connect the two, but adds to that local SEO it can become a strong marketing tool for use by users.

How and Why to Create a Mobile-Focused Website

There is plenty of reason to focus on mobile websites, here are some compelling statistics to help consider that field:

  • As of 2015 studies show that mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop.
  • Before Google launched its mobile updates, 40% of website failed a mobile test.
  • It is seen that 55% of all website traffic come from mobile devices
  • Mobile web design is recommended by Google

This shows that creating a mobile-focused website is of top priority. You should consider this while making the website and design its layout. When someone comes to view your website, they should be easy to navigate and view on a mobile device.

The recommended option to creating a mobile-friendly website is a responsive design. The appeal behind this type of design is its ability to tailor dimensions and layout based on the size of the screen accessing the web page.

Here are some important criteria to consider while achieving a responsive design:

  • If you use a content management system, it is easy to consider a responsive mobile design if it is already provided.
  • The more hands on approach that involves using CSS3 media queries, if you have experience with this type of development.
  • Finally you can consider hiring a freelancer to do the programming for a responsive design.

Once you have implemented a responsive design you will see a much better user experience for mobile users, but then you need to create compelling content and like:

  • Capture the attention of mobile users as they have shorter attention span.
  • Keep them reading by telling them a story as part of your content marketing.
  • Smart phone users read on the go, so make the content easy to scan
  • Calls-to-Action should be clear and concise on mobile landing pages.

Optimizing for Local SEO

A simple way to enhance user experience is by optimizing for local SEO.

  • It is seen that local mobile searches resulted in offline purchases.
  • 88% of mobile users perform local searches.
  • It is seen that over 80% of users interacted with location information in search ads.

Mobile users are looking for solutions nearby and your business could be one of them. Here are the ways to optimize your site for Local SEO.

Google My Business Page

Our first step is to take the Google My Business page where you can update the contact information and other information which Google can use in searches. It also can include by selecting categories relevant to your business, a detailed description with links to your website and relevant blog or social media. Upload a cover photo and the address and contact number of your company which matches your website. Once you have filled in all the details of the website encourage users to fill out the reviews which will give you a boost.

Key Information on Your Website

On your website, you want to be sure that the address, contact phoe number and business name is on every page of the website. It can be placed in the footer of your website.

On-Page Local SEO and Link Building

You should optimize the web page for any content for local keywords and on-page factors. Include your city/location and relevant keywords in your page titles, headers and within the content. Make the web page natural, but also clear where your business is located, what you sell and what areas you serve. You can also do link building by adding your website with local keywords on directory submission sites.