Trying to understand all the nuances and facets of SEO is like deciphering an ancient language. There are hundreds of factors which affect SEO rankings on a daily basis and using these factors can be hard as they are constantly shifting on a daily basis due to Google’s Algorithm changes.

However, like everything in the marketing world, only 20 percent of the factors of what you do lead to 80 percent of the results. If you can understand and learn from these two step formula, you can master SEO and gain success and visibility of your content at an ungodly speed.

The formula for this success is Content + more links to your website = Massive SEO Success. It’s that simple. Now let us break down this formula for you to that you can do SEO like a pro.

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  • Step 1. Create Great Content

In the recent years, there have been many attempted coups in the Internet marketing world. Every marketing factor has tried to remove content from the throne and take crown for them. But, even though the content is bloodied, beaten and less powerful than he was in the old days, he is still the king.

You should concentrate on content so that you can improve the ranking of your website on the search engines. But what differentiates “good” content from “great” content, and how can you create more content which is the latter? You can do this by focusing on three factors – relevance, quality and user experience.

The first thing you need to concentrate to check if your content ranks is the relevancy of the content. This is pretty straightforward. You need to be relevant to the search query which is being entered by the user. Otherwise, your content will lie there on the internet that no one wants to read or check out as it is not relevant to the search term.

Once you have met the relevancy of the article, it is important that the content is of high quality. A high quality article is an article which meets the expectations of your audience.

If a user enters your content with a problem which needs to be fixed, then write an article which fixes the problem. That is a high quality article, sentence and structure be darned.

The final thing which needs to be considered is that the content should have a great user experience. That is the content should be easy to read, well-organized and clearly formatted. It may not be fancy, but it can make all the difference to your SEO efforts.

  • Step 2, Get backlinks from authority websites

Now that you have created great content which is relevant, high quality and has a great user experience, now the next step to rank high on Google search results is to get links back to the content. This is the only way Google can measure site authority. Luckily, for you this is actually fairly simple.

The process of creating and achieving a “treasure-chest” of backlinks can be long and arduous. And it all starts by becoming a master content marketer.

The topic of Content marketing is so vast that you can write for hours on end, but not even scratch the surface of it. So for the use of you, we will talk about what the simple hacks are and you can become ready to “go to the races.”

The first step is to hustle your article on social media. If you post your article enough on all platforms, then it will ensure that you receive as many eyeballs as possible.

Once you have learnt the techniques of social media hustling, you can add to the traffic on the website, by adding the link of the content in your newsletter and using email marketing techniques you can do that.

Now that you have built some traction on the articles, you can use email marketing techniques again, but now email influencers with the links and ask for backlinks. Share your article with influencers, informing them of what benefits the audience will have with sharing this content with their traffic and then request a backlink to their website.

The difficult part of this is that email influencers do not just hand out backlinks to authoritative websites. You have to write epic articles and market them till the industry leaders are naturally exposed to your content. It will take a lot of effort, sweat equity, but once it is achieved you can see your page rank well on the first page of the Google Search Result.


SEO is a tough nut to crack, but once you master these two principles you can leave the competitors biting the dust. They will be concentrating on the nuances of SEO, you will be focused on what really matters.

Not only will you be putting less effort on your SEO efforts the rewards which you will gain will be immense.

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