Why should Marketers Send Keyword Ranking Reports to Clients

An integral part of Keyword Strategy is to know which target keywords to concentrate on. With information you can optimize your research and campaigns to ensure that your ranking for the right keywords in SERPs. But how do clients measure the success of your keyword strategy? One way is to provide weekly keyword ranking reports.

Keyword ranking reports are important, but how many marketers send them out to their clients?

According to a survey sent out to Search Engine Journal’s twitter audience, it has been concluded that 70% of marketers send keyword ranking reports to their clients while 30% of marketers do not send out to clients. But why don’t some SEO marketers send them?

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Why Keyword Ranking Reports are Important

As an SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, Keyword ranking reports are way to maintain control of the SEO campaign and keep track of the progress of your keyword strategy. With the help of this report you can control and maintain a clear view of ranking keywords including the ones which rank low and which rank high. You can then use this data to reinforce your campaigns on strong keywords and boost your strategy for low-ranking keywords. You can also keep an eye on the way keywords grew in ranking over time and modify your strategy accordingly.

In a nutshell, keyword ranking reports show you what’s working, what isn’t, and what you can improve on.

One of the respondents answered in a tweet, that keyword ranking reports are an important way to demonstrate results, measure progress and proves campaign is relevant.

As an SEO Services Company in Mumbai, other respondents said that if you are working for your clients, why the heck you wouldn’t send them weekly rank reports. Once you have targeted ID’d, that’s exactly what you should do, as this will tell them what you’re working towards and is it paying off.

Other Metrics to Focus On

If these metrics are important then why aren’t all the marketers send them to clients? Some experts have written in great detail about the death of keyword reports, citing certain problems these reports have, such as not knowing if a keyword you rank for is actually sending you traffic, not being able to track for long-tail keywords, and changing in SERP features. Keyword rankings may be important to keep track of but this isn’t the only metrics to focus on.

As an SEO Services Company in Vashi, Jenny Halasz, an SEO columnist with SEJ, said that there are four metrics to concentrate on while measuring for SEO, which includes SEO traffic, SEO position or ranking, customer engagement, and revenue or leads generated. Andrew Raso also noted other metrics to look out for when measuring the success of your campaign, such as monitoring time on-page, site usability, and monitoring traffic by the device.

So the most important part of sending keyword ranking reports, which also include other relevant metrics for a comprehensive view of your keyword strategy and SEO campaigns.