SEO Services Company in India

SEO requires a strong foundation, to know where to build, what to build and how to build it. SEO is all about starting on the right foot with the right foundation, and it is this foundation which is made of keywords.

SEO Services Company in India

The Cornerstone

It is vitally important that you get your keywords right, otherwise all your SEO campaign is a big, epic fail. Consider if you’re building a marketing campaign on the wrong kinds of market. The right marketing campaign should focus on the right market because if you are selling private jets to middle-class families, there won’t be much revenue which can be generated.

If you already know the right market, you need to know how the market thinks. Get inside your market’s head and adopt your customer’s mindset.

When choosing the right keywords, you have to make sure:

  • The product, idea or services which you provide to the people is enveloped in those keywords.
  • You need to ensure that visitors are actually searching for those keywords
  • You can rank on the first page of that keywords
  • The competition for those keywords ain’t too tight

Whenever performing a marketing campaign it is important to know the core competency of the company, which sets them apart from all your other competitors. This will make your target keywords a bit more unique so that it will be more focused on your target market.

Broader Keywords does not mean more sales

A broader keyword won’t get you much. If you’re targeting single keywords, it won’t do you much good unless you are an information-packed website such as Wikipedia where you are trying to defined the word or give information about it.

If you are a company trying to sell idea, product or a service, then you would want the right customers to be the one pouring in your website through their own search queries.

It is best to target concentrated audiences through laser focused keywords. Even if the people coming in your site would then be more focused, the traffic will be fewer but it will lead to more conversions.

Different Keywords

There are different keywords to choose from, these are the bits and pieces of data that you already have. You just have to pick from your menu as to how you are going to use them and if they are what’s best for your type of business.

Searchability is key

You need to know how much search a keyword is getting on a daily basis, otherwise, using the wrong bait. In order to make sure that the fish are looking for your bait and that they’d bite. Your keywords should be searchable by your target market. It must have a good amount of target searches in order for it to drive traffic to your site.

Product Defining Keywords

Product defining keywords are keywords that describe your product best. These are the keywords your average searcher will type in the text area of Google if they are looking for a specific product, service or idea that they want to acquire or get information about.

Why are Product defining keywords important?

Product defining keywords are very specific. Searchers are looking for what they are looking for. And if they are looking for a product then it brings them all the more closer to knowing more about your product, why it’s different, why it’s the best and how much it costs.

Product defining keywords are very direct to the point, it is black and white and it can only be a product that the searcher is really looking for. If your company in bent on targeting product defining keywords, most probably you’ll net a catch of searchers that are ready-to-buy once they make a good product find through the search engine.

Product defining keywords are made such a way to put the searcher into the closest possible situation of purchasing from what you have to offer. It is a very powerful choice of keywords from your business. Hence, the competition is also fierce, unless you are a very specialized company offering a very specialized product.

Every business should have a target product defining keyword in their list. It is vital if you want to make sales. It is the easiest, most-direct way of putting your product out on the search engine results page for searchers who are potentially interested in what your company has to offer.

What are customer defining keywords important?

It helps you realize who you want to direct your search results to. It also helps you realize the effectiveness of your keywords on this specific field.

For some companies and businesses, customer defining keywords are vital in helping their customers find more resources about the business or market through the experience or testimonies of other customers that can be found throughout the web.

Usually when these keywords are targeted, the ones using them will create resources that are built from other previous customer’s testimonies or experiences. They do this through various methods such as video interviews or just plain and simple text content.

There’s still a big market and a huge sea of untapped customer defining keywords that are available for you. And optimizing customer defining keywords ain’t as hard as fighting your way through market and product defining keywords.