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Search Engine Optimization can be complex where you need to consider with unknown algorithm that is always changing. But it can be considered that one thing has remained the same irrespective of the algorithm in choice.

Keyword research is the basis of all SEO Campaign

Keyword Research is a topic which is not done properly by all SEO Companies, it can be noted that 95% of clients who were doing SEO previously were targeting the wrong keyword.

These entities are left with mediocre results and sunk marketing cost.

As a SEO Company in Mumbai, it is fairly important to consider the time required at researching keywords and the amount of emphasis placed on this process because it is crucial to execute successful campaigns.

Goals of Keyword Research

The first goal of keyword research is to find keywords with high search volume and low competition.

You need to consider keywords which have high search volume so as to generate sufficient amount of traffic and leads. But you need to consider target keywords with the lowest competition possible. Most companies do not understand the importance of keyword competition.

The second goal is to target keywords with the correct buyer intent.

Buyer’s intent is the stage in the sales funnel which needs to be considered when they are conducting a search for that keyword. Ecommerce stores love keywords like this because they convert extremely well. This prospect is high in the sales funnel.

So while keywords may convert some searchers into customers, it is probably a small percentage and not the most profitable keyword to target if you have options.

The third goal is to target keyword that maximizes your traffic potential.

As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, you can do this by basing your targeting decisions not solely on your target keyword’s search volume, but on the aggregate search volume of the keywords related to it that you can potentially rank for as well.

Why SEO Companies do not do keyword research correctly

If the SEO Company messes up your keyword research, it would be useless paying it after the first month. Many SEO companies base campaigns off the Google Keyword Planner alone or keyword tools that use its data.

The keyword planner tool may be useful but it shows the same result to everybody and everyone uses it, so there will be competition for those keywords.

Other than that, most companies ignore competition and base their keyword selection solely off search volume.

SEO campaigns take time to yield result, so if you choose low competition keywords with sufficient search volume means you could see result on time.

Accidentally targeting a high competition keyword could mean think you can rank in a short period when it may take more than year.

Even if SEO Company chooses low competition keywords from multiple sources, they often don’t consider search intent. If you do not consider search intent then you are focusing only on SEO metrics, like back-links and traffic increases, and not on whether those metrics are going to drive real business result for you.

How to Do Profitable Keyword Research

Profitable Keyword Research is the process of targeting keywords that will drive more company revenue when ranking on the first page.

With a little elbow grease you could bring in a significant amount of traffic in a relatively short time. First find the keywords which are ranking high are apply on-page and off-page SEO best practices to find opportunities to further optimize for those keywords.

This could include better keywords placement, a more engaging SEO title to increase your CTR, a stronger back-link profile.

As a SEO Services Company in India, look for head keywords with a large amount of search volume, these keywords typically have the longest tails associated with them and then plug them back into each tool to find as many long tail keywords are possible.

You should also do a manual review of each search result to compare how competitive you consider the term to be. Shortlist keywords which are low competition keywords with high search volume and, first target the keywords that have the best competition to search volume ratio and strong buyer intent.

Start with the easiest keywords first and gradually work in the harder ones at the same time.