Keyword Ranking are Meaningless: Learn how to Grade Your SEO

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Like many business owners and experts you enter the search term which is relevant to your company to check if you are visible on SERPs. And when you receive reports of the website traffic, you concentrate on organic visitors and the ranking you have achieved for each of the targeted keywords.

When you are spending good money on SEO it is important to worry about your keyword rankings. You are competitive and for you ranking on the first page of the search engine keywords is important. The problem is that keyword ranking is irrelevant to gauge online success. To truly gauge your success in SEO ranking, is to check which measurements deserve your attention.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Relevancy gets results

Long tail keywords are the building blocks of good SEO strategy. They are used to optimize the copywriting, the metadata and link-building strategies. They are used so that you can optimize the right pages on your website so that when the right keyword is searched for, the right pages are displayed for the right people.

But it is irrelevant how website ranks for each exact search phrase because there is wide variety in how people search- especially with the advent of voice searches and the way based on the location history, device and data the search results which are displayed changes with each search.

There is no universal first page ranking for keywords anymore. Google is using the help of their artificial intelligence program called “Rankbrain” that analysis search result to provide better answers, which gives websites less leeway into how they rank and to understand that websites have less control on where they are going to rank. This means that page 1 from your desktop could be different from page 1 of your friends who is in another locality.

Google Search Console also provides adequate proof. This tool shows which terms were searched for when your website showed up in the result pages. And that is not enough then it shows the average rank of your website. Using this data, it’s clear that you should not judge your SEO success on how one particular phrase ranks when several other similar search terms, the phrases people actually used are showing your site in the top positions.

A SEO strategy which will show the relevancy of different search phrases in a desired geographical location will ensure the site will be visible for a variety of search phrases. This increases the opportunities for your website to show up for a variety of search phrases.

High quality content on and off website with link building techniques which show relevancy among the search phrases is the key in such matter. This strategy builds the sites viability against the frequent changes in Google’s rules and priorities.

Measure organic growth

Now that you have ignored the keyword rankings, how do you validate organic search relevancy and visibility are growing?

  • Ensure that the organic visitors visiting your website are growing month by month.
  • Ensure the number of new visit and visitors from within your target market is increasing.
  • Expect increased conversion, especially from your target market who have come through organic searches. Track the volume of unique phone calls to a website call-tracking number and the number of contact forms submitted.

Conversions count

Don’t let ego fuel your obsession with keyword rankings. And understand that your personal search experience isn’t what other people are seeing in their results. Nor does it show the effectiveness of other companies search engine strategy and how their websites successfully convert customers.

Focus on the outcome. Your goal is to be inundated by phone calls and to get your inbox to be filled with contact form so that your schedule is full. To get there, trust an expert who will build a campaign that uses a proven process, creates original branded content and monitors relevant metrics.