How to Improve SEO Performance through Off-Page SEO

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If you have read our recent blog post on On-Page SEO you are incorporating what you learned to help your content rank higher- like ideal content length, optimizing the H1 tags and applying the right keywords.

Now you are ready to take on Off-page SEO concepts which require you to incorporate the 80/20 rule, which means that 80% of results which you achieve from 20% of your SEO efforts. It is also seen that 80% of your SEO effort will come from your Off-Page SEO efforts.

How Back links Affect SEO

As a SEO Services Company in India, Back links are link from a website back to your site. The more high quality links which you receive from high authority sites pointing back to your page, the better chance you have of outranking your competitors.

Simply put, back links are king, a back link is essentially, the high authority sites liking back to you means that this is basically a vote of confidence in your website, the more trusted and authoritative your website becomes.

How to Build Back links

So the concept of back links are pretty easy to grasp, its like the coolest kids in the school says you’re cool.. you’re cool. There’s an instance transfer of ‘coolness’. So how do we get the popular kids to say we’re cool?

Domain Authority: What Is IT and How To Increase It

SEO’s would use Google’s PageRank to decide which domains were worth getting a link on. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, google stopped publicly updating PageRank in 2013 and it was one of the best ways to measure a link’s strength, or the authority of a site.

Domain Authority= a leader in SEO space, is another algorithm, it’s a good estimate, not from Google, but it’s worth a try to value the link you’re earning.

Below are some lists of the author’s favorite ways of earning high quality, authoritative back links below.

Guest Posting

Before there were a lot of spam on guest blog networks, People would join these networks and sell links on their blogs or buy links from other blogs. There was no quality control, it was all about making money selling links and gaming Google.

If done correctly guest posting is still one of the safest and most effective methods for getting high quality back links to your website.

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, one clear advantage of guest posting on authority websites is that you also get to tap into their audience- driving real visitors directly to your site where you can convert them into leads, customers, and revenue.

Broken Back link Building

Broken back links are one of the oldest link building strategies around. Simply, you put broken links on relevant websites, let the webmaster know that they are linking to a resource that no longer exists and request that they link to you instead.

The importance of link building is good, but the process is very tedious, and success rate are generally low. If you email 100 webmasters informing of broken links, then a small number respond and even a smaller number will change the link.

But that being said, if you streamline the process and craft an effective way to reach out to webmasters, then it will gain rewards in form of back links

Content Marketing

As a SEO Services Company in Vashi, it is not enough to write good content anymore. You’ve got to market your content, get it in front of the right eyes. Those people will share it, link to it, their followers and friends will do the same.

The most important step, the one that most people don’t bother doing after creating content is marketing and promoting their assets.

Off-Page SEO: its worth the effort

Building links to your website takes hard work and consistency. There will be let downs when you don’t land a link you had your heart set on, but it’s one of the strongest signals to Google that your site belongs at the top of the SERPs.