SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Now that internet has crept into the property space, it is seen that 80-90% of visitors search for property information online and use this information in their buying decision, so neglecting the internet is no longer feasible.

Establishing an online presence and using that to attract buyers can be made possible through using correct online tactics and adopting a collaborative methods of both paid or earned strategy, namely search engine optimization and paid search.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

The world is continually evolving and developing each moment, and so is the way search engines rank your business. If you have any questions then naturally the first port of call will be the internet, and this is as much true of people when looking for properties as anything else.


  • Keyword Research

Termed as the most essential part of Search Engine Optimization, keyword research is essential for your website to even get a look of the organic search results on a search page. Until you know which keywords and phrases are the most important to your audience, it is impossible to optimize your pages and draw in quality traffic. A low-traffic, less competitive and long-tail keyword will give you a chance to rank highly in Google.

  • Link Building

You need to prove that your website is relevant and users are searching, visiting, sharing and reading your content which can be done through linking other websites to you. Ensure that link building is done for the wider site and not just your homepage, as this will show that your website is reliable and can be visited.

  • Be relevant

This may sound indifferent but filling your website with interesting, relevant content is key. Keep your finger on the pulse with industry news and stats, keeping in tune with what’s hot in the sector and how buyer behaviors are changing. Updating your team with up-to the minute information will help fuel them to create content which would be customers will want to and need to read.


It may be difficult to rank freely for big search terms, such as ‘new build in Manchester’, so having a presence on these types of searches using PPC is just as important as optimizing organic search

Know your market

Know the areas you want to target, the properties you want to sell, and the type of buyer you want to attract- they could be first time buyers, investors, students or young professionals, for example. You don’t want to pay for traffic which has nothing to do with your market audience, so revisit the keywords and continuously refine it based on results.

Go mobile

Incorporating mobile in the wider marketing strategy is essential, and this includes PPC campaigns. For instance, mobile conversion is extremely important and if your ad is not optimized for mobile, you could risk missing out on valuable leads.

Carefully consider the user experience and use the ad-extensions to simplify the process of reaching your website. they show extra information about your business, show links to visit your site and an option for them to call you directly, which is perfect for time-poor home buyers who want to speak to someone quickly.