The importance of Persona in SEO Strategy

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SEO Strategies are used by most companies to increase the traffic, create leads and create a brand identity. But, why do most companies invest so much in SEO. SEO is about creating connections, which will improve growth. Businesses invest in SEO for the opportunity to create a connection with their target audience, as without these strategies there will be no traffic, leads, brand exposure or sales.

Persona Profiling has been a concept which has been there for ages, and mapping out that your audience is will give you a deeper insight into how to most effectively reach them. As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, a persona is a fictional characterization of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. If you believe that the product or services you provide is for everyone, then there is some work which needs to be done, because your product is not for everyone, and it is for some selected few and it is important to share it with them.

In order to create an ideal persona profiling for your desired product, you need to understand that market research and data aren’t always the most reliable source of information. In order to correctly understand your audience, you have to break down every aspect of their lives and try to find common connection.

The following are three core areas for SEO:


Most of the demographics data can be found via marketing research and data, but you need to ensure that this information is accurate and up to date. When describing the data on demographics you need to ensure, how they would describe themselves for example, mom, dad, student , where they live for example, rural, urban. A website which is directed at light readers of marketing manuals would be different than those directed at Millennial entrepreneurs or individuals from the banking industry.

 Social Dynamics

Humans are social creature; look at the impact and expansion of social media in the past decade as proof. The people and groups we associate with have a lot of influence on how we think and act. When categorizing social dynamic of your person would include, who are the peers, subordinate, superiors and outsiders. What are some brands that influence them? What groups/organizations are they part of and what types of media they are attracted towards?

These will help you to contextualize our approach, which will come in handy in link building, where your personas ‘hang out’ can lead to creating new linking opportunities you may have never uncovered in your original prospecting.

Empathy mapping

If your goal is to create meaningful online connections that deliver real business results, the only way we can influence someone to move it by connection and sharing our message in a way that resonates with their worldview. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, the goal of empathy mapping is to quickly capture the perspective of your audience.

Having a better understanding of how your audience views and interacts with the world will help you create messaging that resonates with them on a personal level. Even th content which is added to a website irrespective of the amount of content added requires the right content. By truly connecting with your audience through content that speaks to their deepest needs, you’ll increase engagements, shares which will directly impact traffic, leads, brand identity.

By defining your audience, getting to know who they are and understanding what move them; you will be able to create a strategy that more effectively draw them into a connection.