SEO Services Company in Mumbai

The internet and smartphones are transforming the marketing world. Targeting geo-specific individuals and groups is easier than ever before. And now that Google has introduced localized listing, hyperlocal advertising is going to grow faster. The following articles will explain why.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Hyperlocal is Good for the SERPs

Hyperlocal hasn’t been a buzzword which has been introduced in the last year or two, it has been there since marketing and will not get outdated and grow in importance in the future. In March, Google introduced a major update called as Fred. One of the updates included boosting websites that were optimized for local audiences. Many major websites which were owned by global and national companies showed a significant drop for geo-targeted search terms, while many smaller local companies got a rankings boost.

GPS and Google Maps are not just for getting around, they can serve as viable marketing platforms for mobile generation. If you don’t have a Google MyBusiness, get one and get it optimized before you do anything else. Make sure to fill out all the relevant information, ensuring it’s seamless across the board, matches your website, and has some visually appealing pictures of the work you do.

The World is Mobile

Smartphones are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. For many they are an essential part of living, particularly among the young generations. For example, 77% of people use smartphones and 71% of them use and sleep next to it at night. And it is seen that more people are accessing the internet using the smartphones than they are on desktop computers.

Google, has also been rewarding companies and websites which are optimized to work on different tablets and smartphones. Therefore, if you’re website is unable to harness the might of the smartphone, then it is dragging dust. Optimize your website for all viewing platforms. While any website designer worth their salt will already do this, if you haven’t updated your website in a while, it’s best to give it an overhaul.

Track your Progress

Digital analytics is not an outdated field, and it requires monitoring search engine activity which could not only edge future customers down the sales funnel, but could also drive more people into visiting the website. For example, Google Analytics could be easy to find which keywords are generating how much traffic to a particular website, and which cities have the highest click-through rates.

Without digital analytics, it would be impossible to refine your marketing strategy to its fullest potential. While it may be tedious to keep a tab on the back-end operations, having the information will help you quantify which results are present for each stage of the sales process.

The more advanced Google becomes, the greater chance small to medium-sized businesses will have to maintaining the status quo. Just remember that to always stick to the rules and try to actively improve the internet.