SEO Services Company in Mumbai

The internet has transformed how businesses work and function. No longer is it required to spend huge amounts of money to become appearing in local newspapers and magazines, instead we use the power of social media and websites to coax the customers to spend their money and buy our products and services. With this marketing your business has become affordable but there are still some underlying costs which need to be considered. Below we’ll show you how to save money when marketing your small business online.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Use free tools

The internet is filled with tools and softwares which will help you run your business with ease, but most of them come with a small monthly cost to keep you  hooked. However, you should find alternative to some of these online tools which are free. For example, for marketing use HootSuite’s online free tools than the business packages. For graphic design use the Venngage and Canva as they are free tools. For web, turn to the free package available at which can be used to create a free website rather than spending tons of money in creating a web design package. For SEO, switch SEMRush and Moz for Google Extensions

Do it all yourself

Outsourcing your marketing to marketing organizations may seem tempting when social media and SEO seem like new topics and you don’t have the faintest idea what you’re doing. But you should, you work on your own to market to saves money, learn how to market your business yourself. Social media doesn’t have to  take long, you can schedule posts in advance and prepare a whole month’s content calendar in an hour or two. Content marketing also does not need to be hard, you just need one or two posts per month. SEO can be a little daunting but you can try doing all your work by installing Yoast SEO and remembering to include your keywords when writing. The basics are easy to nail and can save you thousands.

Start guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get backlinks, but it can also be used to build a name for yourself online. Find websites where you can guest post by finding blogs within your niche by writing  industry + “write for us”, and make sure you interact with other bloggers by commenting on their posts and engaging with them on social media. Offcourse creating a blog and writing an article or two can seem daunting at first, but writing one or two blog articles on another’s blog, can make you a domain authority and increase the traffic to your website and help grow your business.

Know where to find free resources

Don’t spend money on stock photography or a graphic design when they are available to use online for free. Websites like Unsplash and Negative Space are great for finding free images to use in blog posts and social media graphics, while Pexels has a great collection of free stock videos which you could use to create roundup videos. Youtube has a database of tunes, songs and backing tracks that you can use for free if you want to create podcasts or audio files for your website, too. Some of these websites ask you to give credit to them but most of them are available on a common creative licence.