SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Hotels have much more revenue around the holiday season with hotel vouchers, Christmas parties, holiday stays and more. It is important that your hotel take this into consideration when creating the right website for the holiday season.

While Seasonal SEO is a touchy subject for most, there is a lot of benefit in optimizing your site for the holiday season. The season is fleeting and it takes time for your optimization efforts to be noticed and taken into consideration.

Real SEO can take a long time to show effect and is often time consuming and laborious, and the ranking won’t change overnight just because you put some Santa mentions in the website.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

That being said, if you put the effort  then there are chances that you might be able to give the upper hand over competition and increase the traffic and visibility this Christmas.

Checklist for the Holiday Season:

  1. Create Relevant Content

Creating content around the theme of your hotel and the holiday season, will not only give your customers a chance to read information about your hotel, but will also give an outlet for keyword-rich pages. An increase in your holiday specific keywords on your site will help bring in valuable and targeted traffic. You should consider creating a subsection of your website for such purposes and make sure that the microsite cater to this specifically and increase your standing.

  1. Clean up Duplicate and Outdated Content

Nothing kills SEO like a high bounce rate. Removing and cleansing old and outdated content on your site will not only help reduce the high bounce rate but will also increase user engagement on the site. This can be similarly applied to duplicate content which can incur a damaging penalty.

  1. Update Google My Business

Your Google My Business is the first thing people see when they search for the property. Make sure that the hours which are functional at the hotel are regularly updated and that amenities are neatly listed to in the listing. Information which is clear and current will help improve your bounce as well as click-through rates.

  1. Plan your Marketing Strategy Ahead of Time

Having a clear idea of your marketing message, what platform you will be present on and what frequency will help you to maintain a concise and consistent message through the holiday season. Make sure you have enough time to plan this ahead. Again, if the effort you take, requires some time to show results, the earlier you start the better.

  1. Review and Update Metadata

Whilst this will not make or break your SEO campaign, the information you add in your metadata is what people will first see in search result and judge your website and content. Your metadata should be a clear reflection of your page in question and the content it holds and also make good use of the keywords you’ve used. Don’t forget its quality over quantity. Pick a few out that you want to focus on, rather than throwing them all in just once.

  1. Build your links

Links are like liquid gold in the SEO world, so in order to make sure that there is the right mix of inbound and outbound links coming to the website is a key part of your success. The more important are the inbound links. Your search engine rankings will depend highly on what links are pointing to your website, so get in touch with important websites, databases, and platform who can help you spread the word and link back to your content.