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Social media can effectively help ranking in many ways. Before diving into that lets look at what SEO is.

SEO is a group of activities of one website or a group of website and its competitors which will help in improving the ranking of the website on popular search engines such as Google and others. The purpose of SEO is to push as much organic search engine traffic to the site as possible.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Some may think how the social media affects the SEO. The question on everybody’s mind is that is there things you could do on social media to improve the ranking on Google? Lets explore.

Some SEO activities have some or the other direct impact on the ranking of a web page. For example, adding a keyword optimized title tag to a webpage will improve its ranking. But some have an indirect impact on the ranking, for example, creating a more wordy and persuasive meta description will not directly improve the ranking of the website but it will force many people to click through the link and land on your website. Along with this creating a high quality post on the blog of the website may not pull in much traffic but it will increase the number of high quality back links to the website.

In terms of direct SEO impact, social media is somewhat limited. However in some indirect impact, social media can directly affect SEO.  Let’s look at several ways social media activity can indirectly boost your SEO.

Have effective social media profile pages

Google ranks social media pages on companies ranking. In fact if you search for websites on Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages are likely to be the first few links on the first page- possibly outranking the home page of the company website.

Why does it matter?

This is because many social media users first check out the social profiles before vetting the company. These high-ranking social media profile pages attract lots of relevant organic traffic. By optimizing your social media page, there are chances of driving more traffic to the website.

We’ve made a handy checklist which you can use to optimize your Company’s Social Media Profiles-

  • Use important keywords in the company description.
  • Display a prominent link to your website home page.
  • Display a prominent phone number for sales inquiries.
  • On facebook and Linkedin, include links to important product and service pages.
  • Set up a company page on Google+ if you haven’t already done so. All content on Google+ gets favorable treatment in SERPs.

Invest time in Social Media Marketing

Social links to your website from relevant users have a strong indirect effect on SEO in two ways.

  • Social shares drives traffic to the site. Presumably, social users who clikc through are very interested in reading the given page’s content. If so, this will help improve the time spent on the page which will help SEO.
  • Social media shares drive the best possible types of links to the website- natural links. When members of the social media communities see this, click through and love the content, they may be inspired to talk about and link to it on their websites or blogs. This natural link development is exactly what Google wants.

Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your social posts work wonders:

  • Share only what is considered valuable content from your website. Google’s definition of what is considered valuable include useful, informative, credible, high quality and engaging.
  • Use keywords in the posts, which are enticing to the readers. Example include: “Online Marketing Tips – How to Double Your Website Traffic”
  • Don’t just mechanically spew out content shares, use persuasive remarks that give your followers more reasons to open the link and read.
  • Include an image with your social share- images grab people’s attention.
  • Reach out to influential members of your community with great piece of website content and ask them to link to it on their sites.
  • Put social share buttons on web pages you share on social media.
  • Ramp up the company blog. Social media users are far more likely to link to blog posts than typical product/ service pages on the main website.

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