SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Experts are saying SEO is finished.. and social media and social everything is all that is required for companies. It is not the case and many companies are still hiring for SEO due to its apparent usefulness. Especially since Google hired an SEO consultant to help with their business and created a video to help companies with their SEO. I think that means that SEO is a valuable asset and addition to the website and their ranking. There are cases of Bad and Good SEO, so you need to follow some basic rules when looking to hire an SEO firm or consultant for your business.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Good SEO Takes Time

It is a general case that Good SEO takes some time to take effect. Even if you make changes and optimize 10% of the website, it will take time for the remaining web pages to be crawled by the bot before it takes complete effect. According to statistics, it is said that it will take from 4 months to a year to see the full effect of a good SEO change.

Initial Improvements

While the full effect is slow, you can see great initial improvements if you repair easily identifiable problems your site has. Doing things like removing noindex tags, getting robot.txt cleared from your server or even switching to a faster hosting can have an immediate effect, giving you a win in the rankings.

Get an Audit

Google says, that it is better to get a technical audit of your site or even two for that matter. The thorough overview of your site will reveal all the problems you need to deal with in order to optimize it. The auditors will show where your site is having a problem, and describe the problem it has on the site and its rankings, and offer a solution. Once you implement all the fixes, it takes time, but you’ll see results.