SEO Services Company in Mumbai

In today’s world, online businesses can find it hard to succeed in the market without having a well-visited website. Most online visitors like to visit a website and purchase goods which have “best value” or a cheap deal which is available online, and as these make up a good chunk of revenue for most businesses they are highly important. If you want to get a piece of the pie, then you must employ certain growth hacking strategies which need to be implemented, and make yourself visible to Google.

Until recent years, there was no Search Engine Optimization as a job profile. With the advent of the internet and search engine, this has become an important profession with a sizeable population of developers and marketers who perform this function. SEO empowers us to rank better on Google and generally, make more money in the Digital landscape.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Most people in this profession rely on the wrong technique of “post a content and pray” approach. But many of us real SEO professionals know that it is far more than that, and keeping up with Google’s every changing search algorithm is hard but we do it. The landscape of internet is always evolving, and as webmasters, we need to keep up with Google’s ever-changing processes.

In this article we talk about three approaches to SEO which need to be incorporated in the Search Algorithm:

Take Care of the evolving SEO technical aspect

Search engine optimization should be part of your website from the very beginning as there are many things which can go wrong with the website which will prevent you from running a successful internet business.

Firstly, you need to check the robot.txt file or the robot meta tags description file on the server. If certain files are added to this robot file then it will stop Google search bots from accessing the file. Sometimes, a webmaster will make the Search bots not allow the file to be accessed. This will stop some of the articles which will not be indexed.

Both the website architecture and XML Sitemap need to be flawless for the website to work on Google. Bots will go through the website from time to time searching for pages; therefore you need to have full access to certain resources. Your website’s architecture must be designed to improve customer experience and offer easy navigation. Otherwise, both customers and Google may not notice some of your content.

Make sure you implement customer journey optimization as one of your strategies.  Ensure that every piece of content on your website is oriented toward end users. Regardless of their device- desktop or mobile- users should be able to surf your landing pages easily and quickly.

Now if we consider the domain your using, your domain should be registered in the country where you want to perform your business and hence be able to rank in Google. Try registering for a .co or an .in domain.

Also if you are a multinational company or a company which does it business solely through the internet, then it would be better going for a .com domain. Everyone battles for a root domain but while ranking for a Google search term it is not important what kind of domain you hold.

Invest in Keyword Research

Every content post should be strategically created. It has to be focused on a certain term or a phrase, otherwise known as the keyword. This keyword is exactly what your audience is searching for in a search engine while trying to find you. You should put more effort towards enhancing your content with the right keyword and appearing on the first page when users search for specific keywords. The higher the success rate of content marketing strategies, the higher the ranking and more traffic you will get.

The content which you create should be centered on keywords which need to be concentrated by you. If you choose a keyword which has a high difficulty chances are that you will not rank high in those terms. The need is to concentrate on terms which are having medium traffic and medium difficulty or medium traffic and low difficulty. The entire procedure of selecting can be done using the Google Keyword Planner Tool. The general rule of thumb – focus on keywords that refer to your product, and use similar keywords t support your main objectives.

Blogs and Great Content

The era of having posted great content and receiving all the traffic is long gone. Nowadays great content is no longer the king as there is so much great content on the internet. The best part of the placing the content on blogs is to use content marketing techniques and growth hacking techniques to improve the outlook of the blogs.

One of the best ways of gaining conversion rates is to have a blog and post on it. Once your blog is created you should craft your content, you must focus on building links. In other words, you should use great visual content- which will read and shared by audiences using social media website with other people on their own pages. This will not only increase the popularity of your website but will also increase the number of backlinks which are connected back to the website. Regardless of the product or services you are providing, backlinks are a strategy that will improve your website ranking.

Although it is important to be highly selective when crafting the content on your website, you should always craft your content with your potential buyers and influences in mind. You can act as a lead magnet and convert your visitors into leads when they land on your blog. And you can use that information when you engage with your prospective customers, and send them to your product page.

There are some rules to follow in your content marketing strategies when it comes to content and posting on your blog. Your content should be relevant, unique and informative. Also, you’re content whether blog or video should be relevant to the product or services you are providing.

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