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Alt Attributes Don’t Answer Questions; High-Value Content Does

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Keep in mind that technical aspects of SEO should not be overlooked such as Alt tags, URL headers, structures, etc. In fact the study from KissMetrics shows that job titles revealed that jobs with SEO titles averages more than $100,000 annually.

Clearly, companies want an SEO expert who knows what they are doing. However, changing the alt tags attribute isn’t something which convinces someone to stay, quality content does.

The quality content debate isn’t something which is new to most marketers, but SearchMetrics Report has termed a new term for such content which is called as “holistic content.” According to the report, a holistic content includes relevant keywords which are similar to the target keywords in order to answer search intent more completely.

In other words, additional keywords are added to provide more comprehensive content, and if “you create a good, readable content with a lot of high-quality, value” then it will not only get more shares but will also rank equally well in search engine rankings for many different keywords at the same time.

Quality means you to look beyond an extensive keyword list. An easy way to find out if your content meets the requirement of high-quality content by Google is to find something to look which would signal low-quality content.

Below are red flags that are in your control and easily managed:

  • Broken Links: Check through your website for any broken 404 links.
  • Inaccurate information: Any sources you link to should be credible, whether they are internal or external links.
  • Grammar and spelling errors: Spell checks should be used to check if your content has any grammatical errors in them.
  • Page load speed: Having a fast loading site can help you rank higher
  • Comprehensiveness: Your content should be able to answer any doubts audiences will have related to any topic.