SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Entrepreneurs who are new to the online marketing strategies may have read somewhere that SEO is dead. While many people believe that this is true, it is important to read articles such as those written by Trond Lyngbo of Search Engine Land on why entrepreneurs should be optimistic about their investment in SEO.

Contrary to popular belief the rumor that SEO is dead is just a rumor. According to Lyngbo, the digital marketing strategy is not a cost but an investment. Rumors become irrelevant when businesses consider how their business grows if they hold the top position of the ranking on Google.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

According to the author who has about a decade of years of experience in the digital marketing field, understands the importance of investing in a good SEO strategy which can impact the results. Therefore, here are five reasons to consider in investing in a good SEO strategy as a long-term investment:


The no. 1 reason to invest in SEO which is considered a smart investment is because it is cost-effective. Anybody can invest in hiring a specialist if they reorder their expenses or cutting advertising mediums that aren’t producing. With proper optimization businesses can expect long-term results and benefits. One of the dangers of SEO is selecting an SEO specialist which is “cheap”. You can expect low-quality content, black hat strategies and inexperienced optimizers using a cheap SEO. Look for specialist who have professional experience and will not give textbook answers. Overall, your investment in a sound digital marketing strategy is crucial to your business growth and success.


You should always try to dream big when it comes to SEO and you can always create a level playing field. With the help of proper optimization you can reach your target audience with efficiency. With a strong SEO strategy even a small business firm can compete with big business organizations.

The biggest advantage of SEO is that it creates a level playing field for small businesses. The best position on the Google ranking does not go to the business with the most bucks, but it does to a company which effectively executes and deploys SEO strategies.

Attractive long-term results

Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Outspoken Media, told that, “website owners should invest in a long-term goals rather than the short-term goals.” She added that concentrating on the short-term goals will adversely affect the company. Although it is tempting to invest in a Pay-per-click advertisement because of its short term return, it is much better to invest in a longer term more effective and higher ROI investment such as SEO. Google pays attention on how links are being accumulated, because of which, entrepreneurs should focus on building their business towards the top with a slow-yet-consistent pace.

Connects with Audience

In our digital world, information is nothing but just a few clicks away for anyone. “Times have changed,” Jason Hennessey wrote a few years ago in a Business Insider article: “SEO marketing campaigns ensure businesses make a unique impression to connect with customers.”

With the accessibility of the internet, customers turn to Search engines for anything and everything. A well optimized website can reach newer audiencees across the globe. With the help of quality content, proper keyword research and the right use of social media platforms and other marketing techniques, your business will be visible to potential consumers across the internet.

Improves Profit

The last reason why you should invest in SEO is the profit which can be created for your business. In one post, Seth Godin wrote about two ways a company can make a profit using SEO. While there are many ways to improve profit with a digital marketing strategy, I agree with the points made in the article. When used correctly, entrepreneurs can reap the financial rewards, which is a significant increase in profit.

Investing in SEO, can make even a small business give stiff competition to the bigger players in the market. The key is that business owners need to understand that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.