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‘Influencer Marketing’ is a term which has turned to buzzwords because of its value, efficiency and potential value overall. Influencers are a gateway to a better reputation, a bigger audience and mutually beneficial exchanges of content, and more value in the future.

Influencers can be especially useful in SEO, making his influence to scale and boost your SEO strategy.

How Influencers Boost SEO

Here are a few ways Influencers boost your SEO campaign:

Link Building: Link building is important to building domain authority and search engine rankings. With the help of influencers you can make your content visible to a much larger audience thus increasing the brand identity of the product.

Reputation Boost and Connection: Getting mentioned by Influencers can go a long way in boosting the reputation among your followers. Eventually this boost is reputation will go a long way in building guest posts on different publishing websites and you will get bigger and better links.

Collaboration: Combing content and working in tandem with the influencers will give both of you to increase your visibility, and build and cater to a larger audience. The further the reach of your content, the more social signals, shares and inbound links you will get.

How To Identify a Potential Influencer

The ideal influencer should have 3 qualities:

Large Following:  In order to be called an influencer you should have a large audience of following at your disposal. The ideal candidate should have thousands if not tens of thousands of followers on the web.

Regular Activity:  Another important quality which is to be considered is that the influencer should have regular activity on their accounts. Even if you have millions of followers but only update on occasional basis, the influencer should be involved in conversation regularly and be willing to engage with others.

Industry Relevance: Finally, an influencer should be relevant to your industry. He does not require being in the same niche or having the same audience, but he should share relevance.

Here are some of the ways to easily choose and approach an influencer:

Simple Search: Firstly you can use one of the social media platform or Google Search to look for the ‘influencer’ of your choice. You can search for keywords related to your industry and generate a list of candidates.

Social Listening: You can use social media listening software’s to check the conversation of your choice and flag down the people involved in those conversation. Some software even recommends influencers as per the keyword entered by you.

Industry Perusal: You can also follow the industry publications and conferences to find out an influencer of your choice. Like if you want to do this manually, you can visit the conference of your choice and see the list of speakers and choose a few of them for further perusal.

Before you Reach Out

Now that you have shortened down the list to a single or couple of influencers, it is important that there should be something you need to know and acknowledge before you reach out for content shares, contributions like:

Influencers are Busy: Most of these influencers have large companies to run, or at least social pages to maintain. They are bombarded with thousands of request like your, so don’t be disheartened if you do not get a reply on the first attempt.

Offer something valuable: Influencers are busy entities either when they are asked to offer their time; in return you should be ready to give something in return, either a sponsorship or a helpful insight.

Be Unique: Request for influencers come in all the time, unless you provide something unique, you’re going to blend in the masses.