Emoji SEO: How You Can Rank for Emoji-Based Searches? – Part 2

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Psychology Today has mentioned and studied the behavior of Generation Zers and Millenials and they found that they are more likely to express themselves through emoji format over typing their thoughts and feelings conventionally. What’s more is that using emojis to express themselves in a larger fashion will eventually translate into how people use search engines.

We have seen a similar change in how Google searches interpret themselves with acronyms or slang terms.

In 2009, it was seen by expert Bill Slawski how conventional search terms were being interpreted for slang terms in Google searches that display the best search results for user intent. The same evolution is being used for displaying search results based on emoji use in an easy inference to make.

How to Use Emoji in SEO

This brings us to the topic of how Emojis can be used for SEO and content which is online. As mentioned previously, emojis use in marketing campaigns has become more of a commonplace, but what about ranking for an emoji or a string of them? Or the use of emojis in domains, as GoDaddy now lets you register?

Emojis in Local SEO

Lets talk about the pizza emoji, now the Google search results show pages of emojis of pizzas rather than the actual pizza itself.

What if we add another term along with the pizza emoji in the Google Searches? Here we have added a pizza emoji along with the search term “near me” and searched it in an incognito browser:

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After letting Google know about the location, you can easily find that the knowledge graph has come up with a relevant search result along with the locations of the nearest pizza places! Papa Keno’s has no mention of the pizza emoji in the Knowledge Graph or on their website.

This means that your clients may already be ranking for emoji based searches without even knowing about it.

I tried a more obscure emoji with the “near me” phrase. This time, I used the two girls with bunny ears, whose meaning is likely different to whoever is using it. I personally thought it would bring up results about dancing. But it brings a result of Sally Beauty Supply.