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When considering ways to improve your online website performance with audience, SEO is considered an important method of improving performance. As a SEO Services Company in India, if even after you use the target keywords on the blog you can create some metrics to judge the performance, if that is not working then try to include steps which will improve the credibility of domain authority.

Search engine algorithm not only judge the webpage on the use of keywords, it also counts on the content and additional information like bounce rate, the time your visitors stay on your blog or site, page viewed, inbound and outbound links, broken links and other. Keeping your visitors from clicking on other websites, keeping them to stay longer on your website, improving  the interaction between content and the audience can greatly improve the rank, so a sure fire way is to improve the user experience and access to your website.


  • It is necessary that you do some keyword research, but if that is not possible then you do not necessarily have to delve deep into this, you can consider keywords along with search terms that customers may enter into the Google search engine.
  • Combine these words along with the keywords which will bring visitors to the site. Once you have narrowed down the list of words, now you can start using it in your content.

Excellent Content

  • When you have decided the keyword, it is time to create compelling content to improve your SEO. Not any content will work and because content marketing has suddenly become extremely popular and it’s more difficult to stand out.
  • You should consider creating content that is pertinent and relatable to the visitor that will eventually create a bond with the customer. Great Content will help you to drive traffic to your website in more than one way.

Image Optimization

  • As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, aside from image file sizing and formatting, there are other ways to ensure that your images are working adequately to improve your SEO, simply signal the relevance of your site’s content to serach engines by making use of keywords for your image file name, title, caption, description and all tag.

Contact Us

  • Websites which have more information about the company such as a contact page like an address, a phone number or an email is considered more reliable to users and search engines.
  • Having a Contact Us page on your site and adding the link to your navigation area will not only improve user experience but it will also potentially earn you some good rank.
  • A contact page can also improve your business functioning as it will generate a lot of fresh business opportunities, improve customer service and capture new leads.