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In this article we talk about the author’s view on JavaScript’s new frameworks and how to work out new website ideas.

Sitepoint came up with a new podcast to discuss the industry of the web, from development to design with some people who play an important role in bringing the websites to life.

As a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, this podcast is an excellent way to keep up with an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing industry. When asked the same question to Chris Coyier, about which technology to use to build a website tomorrow. Chris Replied “For a small(ish) website he’d start off simple with HTML and CSS, sprinkle on jQuery for interactivity and use WordPress by way of a backend. For an app which required more interactivity and state, he’d probably reach for a React and Redux Solution.” Basically he would go for familiar tools to develop the website.

As a Web Design Company in India, we live in JavaScript land, there’s a new and fancy framework coming every few days. So whenever I get a new problem to solve, I think how am I going to handle this problem and which of the two dozen of new framework should I employ in creating this work? But there is only so much you can learn from reading about a new technology, and real world practice is invaluable when getting to grips with something new.

This approach has its limitation and you would not want to bet on a project when the author of the project leaves as soon as it is started. And of course, project constraints such as manpower, budget and time need to be considered. Nonetheless, this approach works for me and offers a valuable insight about how different projects approach the same kind of problem.

As a Web Design Company in Mumbai, another interesting point of view, is to consider only one framework and consider on working on a problem and see what you are trying to achieve and how can this framework work in getting the problem solved. The opinion that the majority of these frameworks and libraries exist is to solve a particular problem, and that you need to get bitten by the problem before you can appreciate what the technology in question is doing for you.

Another important point to consider, if you are learning AngularJS, but have no concept of the language it is built in, you are going to have a bad time. Once you have a handle on it, frameworks and libraries are your friends.