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Cutting Navigational Menus has become a norm today due to the trend of simplicity. This impacts SEO as navigational menus are critical to natural search performance.

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, navigational menus such as mega-navigation lean towards scrolling down on key spaces of the website taking inches of important screen space have become so prevalent that most websites are leaning away from this concept.

Complex Mega Navigational menus have become tiring and confusing for most confusing to shoppers who have to skim through many links to locate their products they want to purchase. In addition, the visual weight of the navigation menu can detract from the brand and the messaging the company is trying to put through.

In extreme cases website move away from complex navigational menus to search based selling where the customer has to rely on a search bar which indexes internal webpages and products to provide the result. As a SEO Services Company in Navi Mumbai, header navigation links in those instances would be more like an optional and secondary road to travel, sites remove some of all of their third or fourth level navigational links to increase the visibility of the higher-level options.

Authority and Relevance

Navigational menus are not there for only customers – it also works for SEO Search Engine results on authority and relevance. When one page links to another, it’s a vote of confidence that the page being linked to is important. The page also contains anchor text which you click to get to the other page which conveys a vote of relevance to help search engines understand what the page is about.

As a SEO Services Company in India, links also act as pathways for content, if a page isn’t linked to in some fashion it’s considered orphaned. An orphaned page has no signals of authority from its own site and thus has very little chance to rank. Aside from authority, search engines have no clear way to discover orphaned pages to index them, and indexation is the first step towards ranking.

Removing one links from the navigational menus make SEO analyst search for the impact on SEO authority and relevance and offer alternate solutions. Removing whole levels of site access when simplifying a mega-navigational structure impacts the ability to pass authority deeper into the site on a whole different scale.

Other Options?

As a SEO Company in Mumbai, before deciding to remove items from the navigation, do a worst-case scenario analysis. In your web analytics, go to the natural search entry pages report. This report should be your go-to for SEO performance, if you don’t have access to your site’s web analytics, view the top pages report in Google Web Console for similar data.

In the pages of the report search for the links of pages URLs which would be removed when applying natural search. The visits and sales for those pages are based upon their inclusion in navigational structures. Removing them from the navigation, pushing them down a level in navigation, nesting them under another level in the navigation: All of those things will undoubtedly impact their ability to drive traffic and sales via natural search.

As a SEO Services in Mumbai, in some cases, performance today is very low and therefore the decision is easy to make. But for those pages that drive meaningful natural search traffic and sales, the decisions should be considered at length. Weight the costs and the benefits against the other needs being considered. SEO can’t be the only consideration. But it is really important that you consider the effects of any changes to the website.