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As the content on websites grow at a rapid pace it is hard to attract new customers onto your site. It is seen that about 4.2 Million Blogs are posted online on a daily basis. Traffic from search engines, which was once considered to be most attainable and most effective acquisition as an audience channel is getting harder to attain. Depending on the user’s search term, geolocation and device, Google’s SERPs are likely to aggregate fewer than 10 organic, non-personalized results.

As a SEO Services Company in India, it is considered that Content is King, but what good is it when the content is useless after less than a week, should we consider feeding new meat to the content. It is probably a good idea to publish new material on a regular basis, but don’t forget to also make the most of your older content assets. The need of the hour is to update that which is outdated, and upgrade that which is laggardly, by extending your content’s shelf life, it maximizes your discoverability, while at the same time giving your investment in these assets a fighting chance at performing.

Determine which asset contents are currently on your website, deciding which pages should be unpublished, update, upgraded, promoted or repurposed. If there is content those is no longer relevant then unpublish it. There is no need to unnecessarily slow down your website and turn of readers. This also includes job posting and previous employee information which is no longer active and the obvious things is that it should be taken down. Before you take down the webpage, make sure that there is a 301 redirect page so that people who head to the old URLs get forwarded to newer, updated pages with relevant information.

As a SEO Services Company in India, you need to spend some time understanding the page performance metrics from the past. Pages like these need your attention, spend some time updating the talking points in your content to reflect the latest trends and information. Research your long-tail keywords and use these phrases organically within the content. This will help the Google Crawler Bot to recognize the usefulness of your page to the people who would benefit from it most.

While page views don’t directly impact search ranking, by keeping the people clicking around your content archives will help you with your bounce rate. By promoting your content to new audience members off-site, you will boost your site’ organic social shares, which will help with SEO.