SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Every SEO business is interested in these major functions which include search engines, its algorithms, off-page and rankings. While fighting the battle of increasing the ranking of your website in Search Engine Results Page, it is often seen that there is always one villain when it comes to SEO. That villain is content. Now in the SEO battle it is important to consider content, the role it plays and why it is considered a villain or a last option.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

First thing first, what’s the role of content in SEO? Let’s make it simple and think from a user’s mind. Whenever a user enters anything in the search engine it is basically to get some information and some answers to their query. Surely, as the case goes you would not like to see any images or ads whenever searching some information about some disease or other such information. From SEO perspective, the information or answer, the user is looking for is content. And it is obvious that the user will get disappointed if he doesn’t get the right information at the right time, and will most probably bounce from the website. So with this the role and importance of content is very clear.

Now, why is neglected and considered the last option. Firstly, if you listen from the mouth of a content person, the whole scene will seem a hate story. But in reality, the love-hate relationship between content and SEO is older than that.

Till now, content and SEO are considered different parts of the world as it is in the industry. And when it comes to lining these two different worlds for any business, it seems like bringing two enemies together. Another reason why content and businesses is neglected when it comes to lining up with SEO is restriction or guidelines of brands and businesses for content. The guidelines of SEO and content generation includes approval and the whole process of content creation and approval makes the thought of content a headache for any SEO team. Even though we agree that content creation is no joke and requires certain important skill sets to make into a reality but this shouldn’t be a reason to avoid it. After all, content is what is generated by businesses and requires people to consume it every minute and second in its search.

So, the moral of the story is that SEO and content should be working together and work as good life partners. Both departments’ strategy should be to be a consumer first strategy. By consumer first strategy we mean that the primary focus should be consumer, their behavior, search intent and what they want.