SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Getting a website off the ground is of highest necessity to solve the visibility puzzle. While every company is placing high importance to the online aspect of business, it is increasingly getting tougher and more competitive to get a new brand in front of as many eyes.

According to studies, 93 percent of online experiences begin with an online search most probably in search engines such as Google. Therefore, not considering search engine optimization is seriously not an option anymore. When the digital strategy is executed properly, it can work like magic to create opportunities that may not have presented it before. This is why it is crucial for young businesses to invest in SEO early on get the ball rolling.

SEO Services Company in Mumbai

Here is a couple of tips on choosing an agency:

Gauge the portfolio before reaching out

If you visit a SEO agencies website, you will most probably see a list of companies they have done SEO for and a number of case studies. Even though some companies have reasons to stay quiet, most companies do not worry about letting SEO agencies put their company names in the list. And this is not only free publicity but if there is no list of companies on agencies website then it is a red flag.

Also, looking at an agencies portfolio helps us understand what lines of businesses it caters to. Look for patterns in the list. For example, if you are a technology company which creates software, consider checking on the list number of companies they are experienced within your industry to check if its worthwhile to consider them. Conversely, if they have a portfolio spanning across a wide range of industries, this is a good sign they are a versatile agency and can easily adapt.