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Most SEO Marketers know the advantage of link building and the basic benefits of these techniques; it is a cornerstone of an efficient and effective SEO strategy. Inbound links are one of the strongest determining factors for a site’s domain authority, which will strongly influence your SERP and help you rank high on Google search engine.

Correlation studies performed shows the high interrelation between the number of links on a blog and its benefits of referral traffic and increased brand visibility. But, it is observed that only 62% marketers use this techniques and this is basically is due to the fear that bad links will ban them from certain websites and may even be fined by Search Engines.

As a SEO Services Company in India, the main reason behind this fear is the penalty which will reduce their brand visibility rather than increasing it. This is a real but somewhat overblown possibility. According a Google Penguin update, it was observed that if you build links that are unnatural, or those that violate Google’s terms of service, you could see a major dip in your search visibility and ranking. But, you need to know the difference between good and bad links, if known you can improve your SEO ranking.

Links of Bad Sites

There are links on known spam sites or other low-authority sources, the value of a link depends on the authority of the site it came from, which means if you build more and more links from high authority sites, your SERP’s rank will improve further and further.

If you build links on sites that are considered to be spam or sources of ill repute, it could cause your site to be considered spam. This is a major source of negative SEO which means the practice of intentionally building links that damage a domains authority for sabotage purposes.


Contextually Inappropriate Links

Google’s Algorithm has a sure format of deciding which links use the natural use of language, and a general sense of how content fits to serve an audience. If a link is considered contextually inappropriate, it may be flagged as a bad link which will cause hosting sites to remove the content and even may ban you from publishing on their site again. Something contextually inappropriate would be a random aside, calling out a link that has nothing to do with the piece.

Keyword Stuffed Links

Keyword Stuffed Links is the link which is embedded in, it is common practice to attach links to keywords stuffed phrases and it caused problems for Google, who started to penalize links that overtly stuffed keywords into links which were not descriptive and did not belong.

Spammed Links

As a SEO Services Company in Mumbai, if you post a comment on another website and just include a link of your website with certain keywords, this would be appeared to be spammed which would be associated with a penalty. Another method of spamming is if you post links to the same pages of your site over and over an outside source.

Links From Schemes

Any link you’ve built from a clear scheme will probably be subjected to a penalty. There are a number of different links schemes out there, including link exchanges and link wheels. Google has some clear standard about what it consider to a be a link schemes.