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There are two types of SEO(Search Engine Optimization), one is to do on-page optimization where you will improve site layout and performance, produce high-quality content and focus on certain target keywords. With off-page optimization you will target audiences by posting content on certain external publications and building inbound links your website.

There are certain peripheral ways to conduct and enhance these efforts; for example you can use social media to enhance the visibility of the content and earn more links. Similarly, using email marketing to support your marketing campaign and improve it.

Primary Goals

The primary goal of email marketing campaign to directly influence factors that have significant bearing on your ranking in search engines:

Inbound Links:  With more links directed at your site, and the more diverse and high authority sources that are hosting them, the higher will be your domain authority. Domain Authority is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well website will rank on search engines.

Acquiring strong inbound links is a crucial factor in improving SEO. Use email marketing to specifically encourage other users to link to your posts or specific pages on your site.

For example, getting users to link, would likely be if you published a whitepaper with a truckload of important statistics you’ve gained from conducting original research. Getting this information in the hands of others will make them link to your content.

Content Promotion:  You can also use content promotion strategies along with email marketing to increase the visibility of your blog posts. For example, you can send an email to the users showcasing two or three of your most popular blog posts. This increases the visibility of the blog post along with general traffic to your site.

On-Site Engagement: Google check various of individual traffic and engagement metrics to determine the relative value of a webpage. Though how much is factored in from these factors is debatable, it is seen that more engaged users on your webpage is better for your search rankings.

Secondary Goals

These secondary goals can factor in your reasoning for using email marketing:

Social media engagement: Social media activity as it is has no inherit value to your SEO campaign. By simply, having more users, likes or shares won’t increase your rankings. But having an email marketing means, that more engaged users on social media platforms, by posting on social media and having these posts retweeted and shared amongst the users will cause your brand to have more brand visibility and improve its potential to attract visitors and inbound links. Including social media icons and other such useful media will improve and help keep your social audience aware and engaged.

Reputation Building: Email marketing is especially useful when building brand recognition and retaining existing customers. These are valuable for reasons independent of SEO, but also play into your brand’s overall reputation. The more popular the reputation of your brand the more it will get featured on high-profile publisher pages and with other influencers.

Long-term development: Email marketing can give you vital engagement statistics that can help you develop your SEO campaign for the long term. For example, you can use email marketing to determine how your choice in subject lines or provided material affects your open rates, or use an email newsletter to determine which of your articles are most popular.

Email alone can’t do anything for your SEO campaign; Google doesn’t crawl emails directly to affect your SEO, nor will your email marketing campaign affect your webite’s ranking in any way. However email marketing can affect how the user behaves with your content, by sharing and liking it and engage with it which can affect your websites; search rankings.