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Optimizing your blog for Search Engines is of greater good, as it helps us rank higher and gain a lot of organic traffic. We bloggers along with publishing content on our blogs also work on the SEO part of the post.

This is of the greatest importance, but with the introduction of Google Panda and Google Penguin update it is important to look at the SEO techniques which are used to optimize the blog so that we rank high legally.

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Google loves that your content should be optimized but if you over optimize your blog content then it could lead to punishment which could include ranking badly for all your keywords.

In this article we are considering those SEO techniques which are considered spam and these techniques could lead to bad results for your website and Google might penalize and ban your website.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the most hated practice by the Google Search Algorithm, which includes including keywords up to the length of the articles on post whether those make sense or not.

The webmaster is looking to gain Traffic from these overstuffing keywords whichever may seem relevant to the visitor but when a visitor bounces on to the blog, he will rarely find anything significant to learn from the blog.

These practices will rarely help a site gain better readership or create a community around their blogs.

Anchor Keyword Back links

Anchor text is those links which are produced from external links onto the webmasters website. It makes sense to put anchor text on the keywords so that you rank high for the keyword, but you should learn to use anchor text wisely.

Use variations in Anchor Keywords. Google provides a high ranking to the websites who are getting back links on many relevant keywords.

Duplicate Content

While doing a guest post campaign, much webmaster use the same content to post on multiple websites and get back links from all such websites.

This duplicate content is easily spotted by the search engine and these start increasing the rank of the content.

Also, if there is duplicate content which is easily understood by the search engines, then it will not only get penalized by the Search Engine but lead to major punishment from other organizations.

Bad Linking Practices

You should always work on getting high quality links by posting content on high quality websites which are well reputed. I found many webmasters using paid services to automate their back link building process.

These services provide you links from bad reputed websites and by linking them you will get No Traffic and Bad Reputation as well.

Google is making its Search Algorithm more and more complex for webmasters to work around them. Using these SEO techniques will not only not trick Google Search Algorithm but quality websites which actually serve useful stuff to visitors will get a better rank.

Use clean and simple SEO Techniques. Provide quality to readers so that they will enjoy reading and sharing your content. These are very simple and powerful way to increase your website’s rank.

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